Meditation In The Morning – Tips To Make This A Successful Habit

Meditation in the morning is often underestimated. Most people know that meditation is great but when you meditate can offer some extras you want to take into account. While we can mention so many really interesting benefits associated with morning meditation, the main reasons why you want to meditate in the morning are:

Important Benefits Of Meditating In The Morning

  • You get an energy boost. Some people even say this is better than drinking coffee.
  • Immediately clearing negative and unproductive thoughts. You basically start the day with a positive and fresh mind.
  • The mind is prepared to adapt. Due to this, when faced with sudden stressors, it is easier to relax and not react in a negative way. No more problems caused by drivers cutting you off.
  • Dissolving anxiety and stress.
  • Helps treat depression.
  • Becoming detached from stress and chaos, allowing to see what is important.
  • It is easier to multitask so you will be much more productive when you start working. You will even quickly figure out that with meditation in the morning it becomes easier to drive.

How To Set Up An Effective Morning Meditation Routine

Remember that it will take some time until you manage to set up that truly effective morning meditation routine. Be ready to fail since it is a part of it. Once you manage to meditate in the morning on a constant basis, everything becomes better and the benefits become obvious. To build that routine, remember the following:

  • Find A Method

For many, having just one focus point helps the most. Breathing is a great suggestion to consider. It is not always easy since there will be so many things that will go through your mind at first. However, when you have one main point of focus, it is much simpler. As soon as thoughts drift away from you, return to breathing.

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If breathing is not something that works for you, seriously consider guided meditations. There are countless available for free online, on YouTube or even on your smartphone. Insight Timer is an example of an app you can use.

  • Find A Good Spot

You choose where to sit. Some people prefer a sofa while others just want to sit down in the middle of the room, on a blanket. The idea is to choose a place where you will practice meditation every morning, one that works for you. Go to it as soon as possible to start your routine.

  • Enhance That Spot

Make the spot your own. Remove all distractions and do all that you can to feel as comfortable as possible. Some ideas to consider include adding photos, candles, plants or objects that make you relax.

  • Sit Up Straight

It is true that you can meditate in any position you want but it is always better to have an erect spine. The fact that you always meditate in the same spot every morning helps since it triggers your desire to meditate.

  • Make Sure Meditation Is The First Thing You Do

No matter what method or spot you choose, do all that you can so that meditation is the very first thing done in the morning. Do not check your email or Facebook feed before that. Make sure your mind is fluid and soft. In the event that you can do this at the exact same time every single morning, everything is even easier. Close your eyes, relax and begin.

  • Repetition Counts
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This is by far the most important thing that you have to remember about meditation in the morning. In order to actually feel those benefits, meditation in the morning needs to become a habit. Do it every single day, even when cranky or tired. Do it even if you do not really want to get out of bed. Simply get up, move towards the meditation space and breathe. In time, you quickly start feeling better and better.

Some Extra Things To Remember About Meditation In The Morning

It is a really good idea to consider guided meditation first if you do not have experience with meditating. There are 5 here and you can always find hundreds on YouTube.

Remember that it is always a lot simpler to make a habit simpler when you divide it in steps. The idea is to program the morning so that all steps you take from the bed to the actual meditation are planned. A really simple plan can be:

  • The alarm goes off.
  • You get out of bed.
  • You stretch for a few minutes.
  • You go to the bathroom.
  • Sit down in your meditation space.
  • Start meditating.

You will fail in the beginning but practice makes perfect. Just do not give up and keep trying. The more you try, the easier it becomes!