Green Risk Certification in California

Don’t listen to Kermit the Frog, it can be easy to be green. Well maybe not easy, but it’s worth it. Since you are already forgetting Kermit’s words, forget everything else you have heard and listen to me: Green is the only way to go in California.


Do you want to continue shoveling thousands of dollars into covering your power bill when an installation of solar panels not only eliminates that need, but also allows you to sell energy back to the power company? I’m talking homes, businesses, everywhere. Would you rather fill up your truck’s thirty-gallon gas tank with every last penny of your check rather than partially rely on electricity for your car that you have an abundance of anyways thanks to those solar panels? See, being green can be fun. Or at least helpful to your wallet, which is fun.

Of course, as with everything good in life, there is a risk involved. In California, you can’t control what’s going to happen. Earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, they’ve got them all. Usually there is nothing we can do about it, except be prepared. Being a little prepared can go a long way. You wouldn’t want the earthquake to hit before you put the seismic strap on the water heater. If you haven’t done that yet, you’re welcome for the reminder. I’ll wait right here while you go take care of that.


Protect yourself


Let’s be honest, despite the financial relief going green has after the initial set up, installation can be awfully expensive. The kind of expensive that prompts you to sell a kidney on the black market just to make it to next week’s paycheck. Why take the risk when you can protect yourself with a few simple steps:

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  • Learn what types of disasters are prevalent in your area
  • Did you know many homeowners insurance policies do not extend coverage to fixing or replacing the damage caused to green items in your home?
  • Figure our what is covered, then fork up the few extra bucks a month for the full coverage. You’re already saving more with all that extra energy you’re selling back to the power company; keep that source of income safe!
  • Learn the methods to reduce risks associated with going green



Think about it, isn’t this one of those situations where it is better to be safe than sorry? Thanks to the California Green Chemistry Initiative, turning towards environmentally friendly methods is becoming increasingly more important, but so is protecting yourself against disasters.


What could happen?


There are all kinds of potential hazards to your green technology: floods, winds, an earthquake, blue ice falling from an airplane. Get your green building covered from it all. Whether you come from a family of diesel truck drivers, or even own an industrial oil company, it’s ok to go green.


Should a disaster ever occur, there are companies available to assist any cleanup and restoration needed, companies that have become Certified Green Risk Professionals, working to help protect those with green homes affected by disaster.