Interesting coffee drinks to make at home

Its summer time and thus we all look forward to several ways to lessen the heat. And what better way to lessen the summer heat than with frozen drinks. Among the several frozen drinks, frozen coffee drinks are one of the popular choices. You can find frozen coffee drinks in most of the coffee shops. However, frozen coffee drinks available in these coffee shops can be of high calorie count and, hence, better be avoided.


If you are someone who follows a strict fitness regime, you can make frozen coffee drinks at home that will not only be more healthy but will also help you save money.  However, there are several things you should know before moving on to the recipes.


  • Some of the main types of beans are- Arabica, Robusta and Kona.


Arabica coffee beans

◦     Arabica are the most widely grown beans and account for more than 50% of the total production of coffee beans in the world. The flavor of Arabica beans may vary from region to region. They usually have mild flavour and aroma and contains lesser caffeine than other beans.


Robusta coffee beans


◦     The Robusta comes second in the list of the most widely produced beans. Robusta bushes are much more stronger and resistant to pests and diseases. It’s flavour is much stronger than Arabica beans. The caffeine content is higher than in Arabica.


kona coffee beans


◦     Kona is the rarest type of coffee bean and the least produced one. Hence, it is also the most expensive. It is usually produced in Hawaii. The caffeine content is highest in these type of beans. The rich aroma and flavour of this bean is best enjoyed in it’s purest form.

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  • The type of bean you use in the brew is important. Different roasts and flavours are available to suit your tastes. One thing to beer in mind is that the longer the roast and the darker they get, the lesser the amount of caffeine in the beans. Some of the roasting methods are:


◦     American- One of the most common forms of roasting. The beans are roasted to a moderate level.

◦     Decaffeinated- With this method, the caffeine is chemically extracted from the beans.

◦     French roast- This involves a very heavy roasting until the beans achieve the colour of dark chocolate.

◦     Frozen- Coffee is brewed, frozen and dried, to attain a slush like appearance. Enjoy it most with a pizzeria.


whole coffee beans


  • Consider whether you want to use whole or ground beans. Ground coffee gives you the freedom from worrying about grinding the beans. You should, however, know that ground beans may not hold the freshness of whole beans, as once beans are grounded they lose the ability to retain their freshness and ends up losing a great deal of flavour. When buying ground beans, look for bags with valves built in it. For those who prefer whole beans, there are 2 basic types of grinders- blade grinders and burr grinders. Though burr grinders take up more space and are also heavier, they also offer the ability to choose the grind size. It also allows for more finer grind than blade grinders. A blade grinder is much smaller and, hence, more portable.
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  • The brew method you choose is also important. There are many methods of brewing coffee, including automatic drip, French press and Turkish. Different brewing methods produce different types of coffee to satisfy your taste buds.

Here are some ways you can make frozen coffee at home:


  • You will require a blender for this purpose. Take around 6-7 ice cubes in the blender. Add milk and coffee powder to the blender. In case you do not want to consume fat, opt for skim milk.
  • You can flavour your coffee with – chocolate, vanilla or almond. Based on your preference, add the flavour to the coffee. Skip the flavour, if you want the coffee plain.
  • Again, based on your taste, add sweetener to the coffee. It is advisable that you go for artificial calories – sucralose and saccharin. These artificial sweeteners will help you keep calorie count low in the coffee.
  • Once you have added all the ingredients, blend them well. When it’s smoothly blended, pour into cold glass and enjoy the drink!
  • If there’s extra, set it in an ice tray. You can use these frozen coffee ice cubes in your coffee or have them separately. You can use them in other kinds of shakes you make, like milk shake. That will add a mild coffee flavour to the drink.
  • If you want creamy coffee, add approximately ½ cup of frozen yoghurt or even 1-2 bananas to the coffee. This will make the coffee thick and rich in texture.


Iced Caramel Macchiat

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If you are an ardent lover of Iced Caramel Macchiato, here is how you can make it at home:

  • Take around ½ cup of espresso. Be careful about the type of coffee beans you choose. Once you have selected the right coffee beans, brew it.
  • Take vanilla syrup and pour it in a glass. Now fill the glass with cold milk and ice cubes. Stir this mixture properly.
  • Now add the freshly brewed espresso to the mixture. Make sure that the espresso just reaches to half of the glass.
  • Get fresh cream. You can get it from the market or make it at home itself. Add fresh cream to the drink. Now for an added effect and greater taste, add caramel sauce. This will be the perfect icing on the cake.


It is interesting to see that coffee has evolved considerably. Contrary to the past, when coffee was considered as unhealthy beverage, today there are studies that advocate the benefits of consuming coffee. Coffee is available in several healthy coffee brands. Coffee producers have made coffee beneficial for your health. As a result, this has further increased the popularity of coffee. If you search online, you will come across several online avenues selling different types of coffee. All these coffee types have multiple healthy elements.