The Losi Lure: Does the Brand Name Matter when Buying Radio Control Cars?

Your radio control car is not just any other toy. It is that vehicle that fuels your soul’s urge for speed, your passion for competitive racing, and your keen interest in do-it-yourself projects. That is why, it is equally important that you do not buy a radio control car of just any other brand. You should buy one that not only lets you indulge in your fantasies but also provides ample value for your money. Therefore, go in for a trusted brand when buying radio control cars. Go in for Losi cars.


Losi has established itself as a radio control vehicle brand to reckon even in the midst of stiff competition. But do not be fooled into thinking that the Losi loyalists have been taken in by gimmicky ads. Losi cars flaunt discernible qualities that have earned the brand its name.

Robust Designs and Sleek Looks

Losi cars of all types flaunt sturdy bodies that can withstand any stunt that you may put it through—sky-high leaps, dizzying speeds, scary tight turns, dangerous swerves, or screeching halts. Losi understands the passion of a radio control car racing enthusiast and his compulsive urge to excel against competition. That is why, the cars from their stable are built to exude brute power and last long even after going through rigorous rubber-razing regimens and sessions. Be careful though, the more rubber you burn, the more replacement tires you will have to buy.

HPI E-Savage, Tamiya Wild Willy 2, Kyosho Mini...
HPI E-Savage, Tamiya Wild Willy 2, Kyosho Mini-Z Monster, and Team Losi Micro-T (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Losi cars also sport sleek looks and come in an assortment of vibrant colors—from blazing reds to brilliant blues and from glistening whites to glamorous blacks. So, your Losi car will not only blaze the tracks with its performance but will also bowl over by-standers with its awesome looks.

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Looks do matter. This is a car that appeals to your sense of sight. If you want to show it off publicly that is your choice but if you only want to drive it around your neighborhood, the nearby school, the community park, or take out of the city so you even more room and freedom to rip up and around, that is fine as well.


Precision Engineering

A Losi car is a power-packed performer and an epitome of precision engineering. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then you must try and build a Losi car at least once. Losi car kits come with comprehensive instructions and give you the joy of building your very own competition-ready car from scratch. But more than the satisfaction of executing a DIY project, building a Losi car and then seeing it run on the road will make you appreciate the absolute harmony with which its various intricate parts move to deliver a faultless performance on the tracks.

Remote/Radio Control car (actually a Hummer)
Remote/Radio Control car (actually a Hummer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Diverse Replacement Parts

Losi cars are not only about power, precision, and performance. They also bring in plenty of convenience since replacement parts are readily available. So, even if your Losi car crashes into a curb or is damaged in any other way during a racing event, you can bask in the knowledge that you do not need to buy a new vehicle. Just a simple replacement job will get your car back to a pristine and fully operational state. What is more, the availability of a range of replacement parts means that you can upgrade your car anytime you want and score an edge over the competition if you participate in races and so forth. You can upgrade your car to make it rake up more blazing speeds or install a part or two that enables it to perform more dizzying stunts.

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The above-mentioned benefits decode the Losi lure. The Losi brand appeal lies in the promise of quality, functionality, convenience, and sleek looks that make owning a car from this stable a source of pride and pleasure. Losi cars provides you value for money, some hair raising excitement, and a fun hobby that allows you to disseminate your stress in a healthy manner.