Kid’s Party Planning For Tech Savvy Moms

 Planning a party for your child is a very important and serious event. As you know, children are the pickiest people in the world. That is why it is necessary that everything was perfect. To do this you need to plan everything – snacks, entertainment, costumes, and invitations. After all, you do everything to make your child a memorable holiday. After all, children are the flowers of life.

 Thank God, today’s mom has loyal helpers – social media. They can greatly simplify the process of organizing children’s party. This simple infographics will show you main steps for kid’s party planning.

 First of all, you have to establish your budget and calculate how much you can afford.

Next step – choose the theme of your kid’s party. Maybe, your child adores Superman or pirates? Great, that’s a topic for a party!

 Of course, you can have a party at home. But if your home is not childproofed or too small for guests feel free to move your party to a park, bowling, cafe, etc. Prepare some activities like contests, games, clowns, magic tricks – anything that comes to mind and fits the theme of the party.

 When planning the menu does not forget to match it with their parents, as many children have a variety of allergies. You are certain don’t need an ambulance on your party. Make simple and edible snacks. Children do not understand such delicacies as sushi, oysters and more.

 What about invitations – be sure to include any special instructions (whether or not to bring a presents, costumes, phone number, address, etc.). Try different online invitation service like Evite to distribute invitations and Google Maps to pin the party location.

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The main thing that you should do as an organizer is to stay calm in any situation. Do not be nervous, it should be fun.

 How can social media help you with party planning?

First of all, you can use them for brainstorming. Ask your friends for help through the fb massage.

 Also you can make Facebook event, include all the information and invite all guests in one click. Make sure to turn the privacy to “Invite Only” if you want the event be exclusive. People can RSVP and ask questions right on the event page, and you can send updates easily and quickly.

 Pinterest is also great way to find new ideas for party. It is full of fun DIY projects and photos. Check put the “DIY & Crafts” or “Food & Drink” sections, or search Pinterest for your party ideas.  Download the “Pin it” button to your browser.  Now you can pin any image on the Internet that strikes your fancy!

Finally, social media is a great way to share photos from a party with all guests. You can use Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Tumblr to leave a vivid memory of the held party. Share the photo album with your guests and friends on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or by email for people without Social Media accounts.

Have a great party!