All about Jorge Bucay and His Books

Jorge Bucay is a famous writer, psychodramatist and psychotherapist around the world. He was born on 30th of October, 1949 in Argentina. He has managed to sell over two million copies for books that have become highly popular among his fans. His books have also been translated in more than seventeen languages which makes them easily accessible for readers from all over the world. His work is simply great and if you are a well-researched reader you know what we mean when we say great. In case you have not yet heard of him, which is unlikely, here is your opportunity to discover all the amazing things you have missed up until now.

Biography Details

Jorge Bucay was born in a modest family living in Buenos Aires, in a neighborhood known as Floresta. His first encounter with the working environment was early in his life, when he was only thirteen years old. Up until now, he has worked in a wide variety of domains but also found his way back to the written word. He worked as an insurance agent, a clown, a taxi driver, an educator, an actor, a warehouseman and even as a doctor on duty or radio collaborator. He has also become known as a television host but what he is mostly famous for are his worldwide read books which have had a great impact on readers.

Main Studies

Jorge Bucay has an MD from the University of Buenos Aires. When he graduated, he became a specialist in mental illnesses at the Pirovano Hospital from Buenos Aires. The way in which he defines himself is a professional helper always searching for new ways of helping people worldwide. He is widely known for the therapeutic teaching conferences he attends as well as his popular books. When asked why he started writing books, his answer is always related to ways in which he could help people so he considers his books more like therapeutic tools rather than ways of presenting information for the public or helping people enter new worlds.

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Published Works

Jorge Bucay has published numerous books that have become popular around the world and which have been translated in more than 17 languages that make them easy to access. His purpose has always been that of creating interesting written therapeutic tools for people in need. We all need to discover the world with different eyes sometimes and this is only one of the benefits that come from reading his books.

First Books and His Series

His first book was published in 1986: Cartas para Claudia. For this book a second edition was created in 2007. In 1994, he published the book entitled Recuentos para Demian followed by Cuentos para pensar in 1994. From 1994 to 2007 many other interesting books have reached the market and have been well received by the public.

Five of his books also constitute his popular series known as Hojas de Ruta or Roadmaps in English. The first book from the series is entitled in English The Road of Self Dependence. The next ones on the list of English translated versions are The Road of Tears, The Road of Encounter, The Road of Happiness. The last book from the series is The Road of Spirituality.

Bestsellers around the World

The books published by Jorge Bucky have become best sellers around the world, especially in Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Chile, Greece and Spain. In 2006 he was awarded the Premio de Novela Ciudad de Torrevieja. All of his books can be easily found online and purchased for prices that are totally worth paying for when considering the value of his written words. He has a lot of things to teach all of us and the way in which he does it is through his books.

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Principles Shared Around the World

Through his books, Jorge Bucay has found the right way in which to communicate with people around the world and share common principles that are more or less familiar to all of us. We all get encounter in our life experiences that are similar to those described in his books but we are not always aware of these feelings or the meaning of the experiences we live. While reading his books, the readers get self-awareness and a deep understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Amarse con los Ojos Abiertos

Amarse con los ojos abiertos is one of the most famous books written by this author. It has become so popular because many people have simply found themselves or discovered who they really were just by reading it. Sometimes we all need someone to just show us the obvious because we are too caught up in our life to realize it on our own. As Jorge Bucay says in the book, it is quite challenging sometimes for a person to reveal what is happening to himself or his needs and feelings. We can all talk all day long about other people and what we notice in their behavior but when it comes to our self-analysis and talking about it, things get more complicated and we start considering it impossible.

The Bottom Line

Challenges are an integral part of our life and the way in which we know how to love. Maybe we should all just learn to give up on fantasy and leave a life without conflicts, exterior or interior ones but one that is full of love and respect for the world we live in. Jorge Bucay is now famous worldwide for everything that he has managed to do in therapy and by writing books that are meant to heal people as he has said on various occasions. His books are his personal therapy tools for people and have been created with love for the human kind and the desire to bring change into the world. He has a way with words and it is impossible to read his books and not rediscover yourself or learn new things about the world we live in.

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