The Inspiring Career of Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant is a popular American inspirational speaker, author, life couch, lawyer and television celebrity. Her initial name was Rhonda Eva Harris and she was born on 13th of September, 1953. She is mostly famous for her inspirational published books as well as her way of approaching topics and overall charm during the talk show she presents. She has also become a frequent appearance of famous television programs like The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her popular TV program is entitled Iyanla: Fix My Life.

Her Life before the Major Changes Occurred

Iyanla Vanzant was born in Brooklyn, New York. The chosen name, Iyanla means great mother and it was given to her following the Yoruba tradition through initiation as a priestess. In terms of studies, she graduated from the Medgar Evers College and Virginia Union University years later. She is a doctorate graduate from the New York School of Law.

One of the Most Spiritually Influencing Living People

Through her work she managed to become one of the 100 most influential Black Americans back in 2000. She is all about healthy relationships that she recommends in all her written work, lectures and television shows. Back in 2012, she also managed to reach a top number 7 place on the list of the 100 most spiritually influencing people from around the world. Moreover, she has become an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.

The Inspiring Road She Followed and Recommends

Iyanla Vanzant gets involved in consistent work that keeps at its base the idea of getting involved in fulfilling relationships that offer you everything you need in life. Staring from her real-life experience in this area, the author helps thousands of worldwide readers realize when they are stuck in a relationship that is no longer appropriate for them and how to transition from unfulfillment to proper energy balance.

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On her career path as a popular author and television celebrity she has also inspired many people around the globe to realize which are the most effective ways in which they can transform a good relationship into a great one so that they might feel more fulfilled in life. She is all about acting and this has helped her evolve a lot over time and reach the successful position she has now.

Spiritual Workout Is the Key to Success

Spiritual workout has been an important part of her career path as well. She focuses on building and strengthening the spiritual muscles in herself and on inspiring others to adopt a similar healthy lifestyle that enables them to get to that perfectly balanced place they aim at. She knows that she is worthy of her own time, attention and energy and this is what she also recommends others to discover, fully understand and master.

All in all, Iyanla Vanzant is an inspiration for all of us. She preaches what she has managed to do on her own and leads by example every time. Her advice is always based on real facts of life that she has experienced or has seen in other people’s life. The aim is always that of fulfilling our life purpose and she has managed to discover the right road to success in her life.