Indigo Children – Why Are They Different?

What is an Indigo Child? And why do we call them Indigo Children?

First, the difference: an Indigo Child is someone who presents a whole new and unusual set of psychological attributes and has a behavior that has not been studied until not long ago.


It seems that there are a few types of Indigo children and we will present the most common features:

1. They come to this world considering they are noble;

2. They have the feeling that they “deserve” to be here;

3. Self esteem is not a problem for them;

4. They have problems understanding the “Supreme authority”, the authority that doesn’t motivate their decisions and do not give them any explanations;

5. They just would not do certain things, because they don’t want to;

6. They are frustrated when they are framed in system that does not require creative thinking;

7. They do not hesitate when it comes to telling you what they need;

8. They often see better ways to do a certain thing;

Indigo Children may seem antisocial when they are not surrounded by people like them. When this happens, they internalize, considering that no one could understand them.

They are called Indigo Children, because this is the color that they “see”. What does this mean? It means the color of life, the color that any human being resonates with. What is their mission on Earth? What do they have to learn? What is their purpose?

People don’t understand them; it is believed that they use more of their brain than their heart. They are children interested in technology – at the age of three or four they understand how computers work, which makes us think that in the next few years we will have technology we can not even dream of. They are aware of their mission on Earth and they have no fear for anything else, because they know who they are. They believe in themselves.

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It is said that those children were first born in 1980’s and there are four different kinds of Indigo Children and each of them has a specified purpose:

1. The first one is the Humanist Indigo, who will work with people

2. The second one is the Conceptual, being full of ideas and concepts. They will have control and most of them are architects, pilots, designers, and so on.

3. The Artist is capable of working with five or more different instruments and when he reaches an age, it is most likely that he will become geniuses.

4. The Interdimensional Indigo is the one that will bring to the world new philosophies and new religions. They will be dominating, because they cannot adapt like the other three kinds.

Those children must be treated when they start talking like they are already adults. They don’t respect people just because they are old. You must win the respect of an Indigo Child.

It is said that life has more colors, Indigo being one of them. This color comes from a superior astral level and that makes Indigo Children different: they represent our future and if they are treated properly by people around them, Indigo Children will be capable of doing great things and lead us to a new mankind by the side of Crystal Children.