How To Sit When Meditating

Meditation is something that you learn as you practice. You cannot simply stay on a chair and expect to get it right the first time. How you sit when meditating will have an impact on the results that you get, especially when you are first investigating this new experience.

Fortunately, there is not much that you can do. Below you can find some simple tips that will help you to sit properly while you meditate. Then, in time, you can end up meditating in any position and in any location. Everything starts with simple steps that anyone can take.

If you want to meditate, here is what you should consider about how to sit:

  • It is really important that your back is kept straight. The back has to be erect and a natural upright posture is highly recommended. In the event you sit in a chair, be sure that you do not rest the back right on the chair. When you take such a position you are no longer alert so you cannot properly concentrate on how you breathe. Your focus should be on breathing, not on what recent Eat The Globe recipe you will cook tomorrow or what blog post you want to write after meditation.
  • You can keep your eyes opened or closed. The idea is to be as attentive as possible. When it is easier for you to concentrate on breathing if the eyes are closed, this is what you should do. In fact, most people keep their eyes closed so it is always better to do this as a beginner. When tired and dozing off, simply open the eyes a little and focus the gaze in front of you, in an area that is free of any distraction.
  • Some will tell you that you keep your hands in a specific position. This is not necessary. You can keep your hands however it feels comfortable. Some will form a circle with a thumb and another finger. It is not something that actually helps, unless it is helping from a psychological point of view. Generally, the recommendation is to just rest the hands, with palms down. You can do this on your legs in an area where it feels comfortable.
  • Cross the legs however it feels comfortable. Crossing your legs right in front is the normal practice. This is usually great for most. However, you can fold feet in any way possible. The simple pose with crossed legs is just normally the most comfortable.
  • Move your eyes a little downward. Do this even if the eyes are closed as it will open up the chest area. Find the angle that is completely comfortable for you. The idea is to open up the chest and stay upright at the same time.
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The most important thing at the end of the day is to find a position and a posture in which you stay upright and are completely comfortable. Everything that was mentioned above is great for most people. However, there is a possibility that it is not going to be great in your case. You need to find your very own comfortable meditation pose that will offer a little alertness without ending up asleep.