How to prepare your car to be sold

How to prepare your car to be sold

Selling your used car can be something that will take a lot of your free time and can be quite a frustrating venture, especially if you want to get rid of your car quickly. The aim for every used-car seller is to sell the car as quickly as possible and for the best possible price. While it is a well known fact that used cars depreciate quickly, there are still some tricks that can help you increase the price of your car and make it seem more expensive.

Clean it

While it is not all about the looks when it comes to used cars, cars that look maintained will surely fetch a higher price than those that seem neglected by their owners. So, in order to compete with all the professional car dealers who have their cars looking superbly all the time, you have to clean it well. You can consider having it checked, cleaned and detailed by a professional. They will certainly do a good job, while saving you time.

Under the hood

The buyer will also be interested in the state of things under the bonnet. When you open it, you do not want the buyer to be put off by oil stains, lots of dust and rust on your engine and other essential things. This is why you should also spend some time on cleaning and refurbishing the inside of your car. The engine should look impeccably, with the other things like wires, plugs and other visible things following close by. This will give the buyer the impression that you have really cared about your car and that you have not damaged it in any way. It is always better for a car to look clean and maintained than to look like it has been through three wars and four Paris-Dakar rallies.

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Fix what you think needs to be fixed

If your car is damaged in any way, it is usually recommended that you fix the problems before showing the car to the potential buyer. Most of the damages will affect the price of your car, because the buyer will suspect lessened functionality. Since buyers are usually looking for a functional car, there is a great chance that a damaged car will repel them from following with an offer. So, go to your mechanic and have him see what needs to be fixed in order for the car to fetch the full price. However, you should be aware that any major repairs will usually make the buyer suspicious. Repair only the things that will really increase the value of your car.

In the end, all that I can say is “Good luck!” Car selling is a tough job, because you have to compete with all those used car dealerships that are professional in their work. With these few simple tricks that will take a little time, you will be able to stand up to them and be on par with their offers. Hopefully, you will find a buyer soon.


Arnold Morgen

Arnold Morgen

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