Guide to Supporting Employee Growth

With the growing financial climate deepening in the United Kingdom, companies have to work as hard as ever in order to promote employee motivation as well as company loyalty. Yet there are ways in which you can develop your employees in the workplace. In spite of the growing competition for work not to mention jobs, below are just some the key elements you can incorporate to encourage employee growth.


Employee Growth tips

Invest in training

Now this might not be cheap but the results could be incredible and result in increased levels of turnover for your business. There are many challenges that companies are facing in today’s society. Yet if you decided to inject capital into a well thought out programme the effects could be;

  • Improved learning throughout the process which could be valuable afterwards.
  • Effective leadership skills which can be transferred to prospective trainees.
  • Carefully planned yet positive effects on the actual job or role.

Assessment and learning

By incorporating key learning skills as well as different types of learning styles this may prove effective in your employees taking leadership of their own processes and duties. In addition to this, there are a number of different organisations who work in close tandem with their employees to create a type of learning or personal goal contract. The main benefits from this include;

  • On-going development whilst building key relationships with key personnel
  • Confidence in delivering the tasks not to mention reaching essential objectives or goals.
Employee Growth
By U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District under CC BY 2.0



If employees have dedicated coaching or a mentor by their side this can again improve the development and boost morale. In this way this element is considered to be one of the most important areas as far as employee growth is concerned. When an employee is assigned a mentor they will have the ability to gain vital advice and in turn produce much more quality in their work. This is usually done via assessments and feedback which the employer can compose but helps them to improve their skills whilst finding out about both their strengths and weaknesses.

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Job enrichment

To take advantage of an even greater level of responsibility or authority you can have the opportunity to undertake several management training courses. This will develop your growth in a potential workplace and give you even better chances to succeed. There are a wide variety of courses that you can enrol including the likes of corporate training which will offer you;

  • Bespoke courses for a host of consultancy services.
  • Increased levels of training and development for that optimal performance in the workspace.


Of course one of the best ways to establish employee motivation and growth is by offering roles that offer a much higher level of responsibility. This will not only help develop the skillset of an employee but will ensure trust and loyalty when it comes to retaining your workers. Again this can be achieved via several factors such as;

  • Providing essential support through coaching.
  • Offering bigger areas of responsibility including special projects which encourage new skills and developing brand new professional relationships.

Rotating roles

If you are an employer then you can always look to giving your employees new roles within the company or modify their work. This means if they work on something for a week or a month it will expose them to different types of experiences whilst learning a wealth of other skills that they may not have had previously. This particular approach will provide a great deal of diversity, an improved level of communication and interpersonal skills and give people the chance to be fast tracked at a much quickerrate within the organisation.

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