A quick guide to Italian Gelato dessert

Gelato is an authentic Italian dessert that is very popular amongst the food lovers all over the world.

Gelato is a typical Italian dessert that is loved by food lovers all over the world. The gelatos are not only great as desserts; they also make for a delicious snack as well. It is not surprising that gelato is gaining popularity all over the world simply because they are fat free to a huge extent unlike the ice creams that are made from saturated fat.

Although gelatos can be compared to the ice creams, they are denser and also tastier than that of the ice creams. The recipe of the gelato is also quite unique. The term gelato is an Italian term which means frozen. It is used for describing the Italian ice cream. It is originated in the northern part of Italy around the 16th century. The recipe of the gelato consists of sugar and fresh cream, egg yolks, fresh whole milk, nuts, chocolates, and fresh fruits etc.

The gelato is not only a delicious dessert for special occasions, it is considered as a daily treat in Italy since it is very nutritious and healthy as well. Usually the shop that sells gelato in Italy is known as the gelateria. Some of the special characteristics of gelatos are as follows:

It is dense, creamy and of course full of flavor. One of the most popular flavors in gelato is the fresh fruit flavors. The gelato contains no added preservatives and thus is not only very healthy; they also melt in the mouth quickly. The thickening agent that is used in the gelatos is completely natural and is known as the carob flour. You can store the gelatos in stainless steel tubs to keep them fresh for a long time. The ingredients of the gelato are always of high quality so as to maintain the superb quality of taste. Since there is less air, fat and sugar in gelatos, they are much healthier than that of the ice creams. And the nutritional value of the gelatos is also much higher than that of the ice creams.

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gelatos (Photo credit: eraine)

Unless you maintain the right balance in the making procedure and the quality, preparation of the gelato can never be fool proof. Gelato is one of the most popular desserts in Italy. The other one is the sorbetto usually the fruit flavor. Gelato is milk based while the sorbetto is based on fruits. One of the most popular flavors of gelato is the chocolate that comes in numerous variations too. There are also many other combinations available like the hazelnut with cream and chocolate, stand alone flavors like strawberry, lemon, vanilla, pistachio, chocolate chip strawberry, lemon and vanilla etc. Practically there are numerous flavors and wide range of variations too. According to a survey, Italians prefer to order for two or more flavors of gelatos when they are out partying. There are also many variations of gelatos available that are based on the candy bars of Italy and other popular dessert tastes.

Having gelatos can not only help you in enjoying desserts without bothering about getting fat, but also ensures that you remain healthy in the long run.