How To Have A Great Garden Meditation Space

Whenever you want to create a meditation space in your garden you want to focus on making the entire area as calm as possible. What you add and what you remove is going to drastically affect your meditation experience. For instance, you may feel that the region is perfect and the simple presence of a tree can block your entire sense of space and light. Removing trees is actually the most common step in making the entire garden perfect for meditation.

The Uniqueness Of Your Garden Meditation Space

The simple process of creating the meditation garden is unique. It is personal and leads you through discovery. It is a part of your own spiritual journey so there is a pretty good possibility that your garden meditation space is going to be much different than someone else’s. You will be tempted to hold on to older items though. This is not necessarily a good idea, even if there is a strong connection present at a personal level.

An Expansive Meditation Garden

People think that the meditation garden has to be really expansive and include various different Feng Shui or Zen elements. This is incorrect. Most of the great gardens are actually very small. The only thing is that you have to be sure you give out the illusion of space as you create textures and layers.

You may want to consider building paths if you can since this allows walking meditation as you move towards the area designed for your practice. See if there are some vegetables and fruits that you love and that you would add since this normally creates a good connection. Do not opt for something glamorous. It is sometimes great to have a garden that has a double purpose.

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Engaging Senses

Gardens have a natural stress-reducing and healing property. According to research, the best meditation is the one that is achieved in gardens that manage to engage senses. The garden basically has to put you in touch with you and what is around you. This is why you so often see nature added to the very best healthcare facilities in the world. For instance, in a garden you will often see a large boulder that practitioners touch before the session starts. This is to entice touch.


In garden meditation spaces you so often get to see roses. This is because of how great they are for most people as they offer a sense of calmness. Adding plants is pretty obvious but what plants you add will be based on your own personal experience and wishes. It is important to have flowers that smell well but that are appreciated by you. If you just add the first flowers you find there is a good possibility you will not feel great while meditating.