Future of Television – Russian TV on AppleTV

In present day scenarios watching TV online is a great innovative and entertaining solution you have ever found. Watching online is user friendly, easy to navigate and a quick way that offers infinite variety of rich and entertainment channels of different countries all at one place.

This is what people think about how Apple will change the future with their new AppleTV (by Business Insider):

  • Customers would be able to see any TV show at any time, there is a DVR, which stores TV shows using Internet.
  • Apple wants to create something like a souped-up Apple TV version, which will be able to work in a similar was as a cable box.
  • The new interface of AppleTV should be similar to iPad’s or iPhone’s interface. (It might just look like the current Apple TV interface, just a few icons more?)
  • Users would be able to share what they watch on TV on different social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • The interface of new Apple TV should be better and much easier to use than interfaces of most current cable boxes.
  • There would be an easy way for people to see the whole season of any TV show on demand, instead of a few episodes that most cable companies are offering at the moment.

The thing is, the current version of Apple TV v2 already can do this easily. All you have to do is jailbreak the AppleTV. Once you jailbreak AppleTV you can easily install XBMC, which has tons of video content. There are XBMC video plugins for simple access to different channels, including ABC, ShowTime, YouTube and even foreign TV channels. I currently use Rurem.TV, which requires a paid subscription, to watch a lot of Russian channels.

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If you want to watch Russian TV and want to replace the traditional cable service then just find the right reputed website that will make it happen for you and serves you with the best services and deliver the feed over the Internet directly from the source. Among the rest of the sites the best one is the “RUREM.TV“. This site aims to serves you the best quality of videos, movies, TV shows or documentaries with the speed of 600 kbps and up.

Watching Russian TV online includes wide variety of benefits such as one can get the facility to watch their favorite Russian TV channels at the time of work from anywhere in the world. By using Russian TV Online one can travel into the boundless world of global television entertainment in effective budgetary levels.

While that Rurem.TV charges a monthly subscription, which is less than $20, you would get over 100 live channels with a 2 weeks archive of all channels. Another great additional is Netflix like huge movie library for many Russian movies as well as Hollywood titles, which are dubbed in Russian.

Nowadays people want more choices and freedom on what to watch without spending a fortune, which at the moment TV Network companies can’t offer.