How To Find Inspiration For Poetry

Finding inspiration for poetry is quite a tricky subject because you will most likely find many different answers from poets to the question: “How do you find inspiration for poetry?”

Writing poetry is obviously subjective and you need to realize that what works for someone may not be the best choice for you. It is very important that you practice and that you try many different things before you figure out what works for you.

We will now highlight some things that can be done in order to find inspiration for poetry. Try them!

Write Anything When You Do Not Have Inspiration!

just write

In many cases we see a combination of writer’s block with a lack of inspiration. Just sit down and push yourself to write anything. Just write about the very first thing you see or the first thing that comes to mind. Try to make your writing rhyme, use verses or simply write. You can sometimes find a lot of inspiration when simply letting go and writing whatever comes to mind.

Make sure you have a notebook with you. Look around and when you see something that inspires you, start writing. You can polish your poem at a later point in time. Inspiration can come when riding a bike or when going to the grocery store. You never know when it hits you. Also, put your notebook near you when you go to bed as you never know when you have an idea just as you wake up.

Beautify Something Ugly


Force yourself to write about something that you consider to be ugly. Then, make it as beautiful as you can by using your imagery. This is definitely something that can help because you jump start your imagination. You may even come with a poem from this exercise without even realizing that you do so. Remember that inspiration can come at any point in time.

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Create Different Poems

being different

Many lose their inspiration as they start to write the same things and use the same style every single time. How about writing one poem that is just made out of dialogue? Alternatively, take a list and make a poem out of it. For instance, make a list of the top 10 locations you visited or 10 foods you love and start creating your poem.

Put Passion Into Lack Of Passion


This is quite an interesting exercise that you can easily use in order to try to find inspiration for poetry. Just think about something that you are not at all passionate about. Then, try to write extremely passionate about that. Always make it really convincing. For instance, write about the pleasure of eating meat if you are a vegan. You can or cannot use irony. That is all up to you. However, both may work so try them.

On the whole, the one thing that you have to realize is the fact that inspiration for poetry can come from practically anywhere. Do not feel low if you cannot find it right now. You may just have it tomorrow, when you wake up. Just make sure you have that notebook handy.