The perfect budget for ad films and promos

Advertising is essential in the field of business. Especially in today’s age of high competitiveness when multiple organizations are vying to capture the same market, the importance of good promotion is more important than ever. Though advertising can be done various mediums like print and sound, it is the audio visual medium that is most effective. In this context Ad films and Promos are the most vital things.

Ad films are effective because they can convey a message in a very short time span. The ad films and promos we see on television or in recent times, on video sharing sites such as YouTube, are mostly few seconds long. Even the longer ones are hardly above the one minute mark. Even in this small duration, they tell a story through words and action and highlight a product/ service, event, announcement, social service message. Therefore it is quite natural that ad agencies and production houses are in tremendous demand from clients looking to showcase their offerings to the target consumers. Any major promotional campaign is sure to include promo films.

Even though the ad film medium is quite effective, it should be dealt properly in order to get the best out of it. Just like a well made ad can captivate audiences, a poor one will turn off the viewers and damage your prospects.


ad films shooting
By Jim Wall under CC BY 2.0


Features of the ad films

1)      It should be of short length. The longer it gets the more difficult it becomes to keep the viewers attention intact. Longer ads also find it difficult to get broadcasted on TV. A 20 to 30 seconds ad can get the job done quite easily.

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2)      Witty lines, carefully crafted sentences are essential. Often catch phrases from these ads become popular and help to make concerned brand more recognizable than ever.  Poorly written lines that fail to catch attention will simply make an ad ineffective.

3)      It is better if you can include relevant actions in the ad films. Solely depending on words makes it a bit more difficult to be successful.   But if you combine action with words, it will be easier for you to express what you want to say in the AD & Promo Films.

4)      There are some other important elements that contribute to the success of a promo film- good acting, sound effects, use of background music/ jingle.


If you are looking to use a good ad films for the promotion of your product or service then you should look for a reputed ad production company. A good production company can be determined by observing certain features. Look into the past efforts of the company and see the quality of their work. If you are impressed with it then go ahead.  Learn about their staff and how experienced and qualified they are. Experience really matters in this field. Also ask them to give you an estimate. Make sure you are not being over charged by comparing it with estimates from other companies.  With a thoughtful approach you can utilize Ad films and Promos greatly for your purpose.