EHR Healthcare solutions: Opportunities for Vendors

EHR system is not going with the pace which we have expected. It is not picking up the rhythm yet. With the goal of swapping paper records of the patients from computer records, EHR seems to be debasing this goal. Its moreover shocking that how could be this new technology is wandering with such a slow speed. From many sources the EHR is not satisfactorily adopted. And the cause of this is its slow processing. People expected it as time-saving system but on contrary it is taking more time than the paper work. The trouble is with its user interface. It works on many clicks by user, indicated Carolyn Hartley, President and CEO of Physicians’ EHR. Professionals at many healthcare systems found it time-consuming besides fast workflow due to filling the entries in irrelevant field at the user end.

An oncologist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, California told that EHR slowed down in his office while observing the X-ray images which takes enough time to load on the screen compared to paper on which we can get full summary at a time. Some of the health networks are suggesting that the problem is with poor designed templates; if it improves with the new well-designed templates it will be better. A California based physician said that if a chart note is prepared in five minutes then you must be worked on a wrong template. Need for customised special templates to make the work fast going. Another issue raised with the working of EHR is inconsistent. A medical litigation attorney person said that in this system patient records are incomplete. At useful time, these records are never found due to uneven storage of patient details at different locations where you had never faced this problem in paper system.

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Not all Healthcare centres are complaining about this system but some of them have problem. Few things which it lacks behind should be included to make it better. Like the user interface designed in such a way that a practitioner can open two windows simultaneously. One of lab data and other can be patient record so that it is more convenient towards consultant. A nurse at Washington hospital suggested adding a facility to enter the reaction of the medication on a patient at intervals and a separate place to record the symptoms of the patients. Addition to this a nurse practicing independently advised to add a feature to this system where this system can remind staff about important screening for diabetic patients.

On seeing the condition of current population and rate of the healthcare issues, doctors and physical practitioners are overburdened with the pressure of the improved healthcare solutions. They have to be very swift and perfect. The EHR therefore should be improved to its user end to fulfil these crucial needs in healthcare projects. Vendors could make it better besides trading and marketing with their brilliant IT crew and strong cloud systems. Filled with the above suggestions the EHR system will become a helpful structure in the healthcare organisation. Many healthcare challenges are arriving with the passage of time which is needed to be solved and freeze. Improved EHR will accomplish lots of malfunctioning in healthcare system to make better living and surviving of the people.