Buddhist Mantras – Buddhism Through Om Mani Padme Hum

How To Read Buddhist Mantras

Buddhism has become a worldwide phenomenon due to the simple and yet powerful values that the religion promotes. Buddhism gives an explanation to a person’s purpose to life and the reasons why we come to this world. The religion has an explanation to the apparent inequality and injustice that happens all around the world and it offers a series of guidelines that people should follow in order to reach true happiness in their lives.


Who Was Buddha?

His real name was Siddhartha Gotama and he was born in Lumbini, near Nepal, in 563 BC. When he reached the age of 29, he realized that the wealth and luxury of his family did not bring happiness so he tried to discover other ways in order to reach this particular goal. After a long period of study and meditation he has found a path to enlightenment.

That is when the word “budhi” become the center of this particular philosophy as it means “to awaken” and Buddha was born. After this moment of truth, Buddha spend the rest of his life teaching the principles of this particular way of life to others. He is not considered a God or Divine, he is a man who has reached enlightenment and spread his philosophy with anyone who was interested to hear.

The Most Powerful Buddhist Mantra

A mantra is a word or a phrase that is considered to have a powerful connotation, they can be compared with spells, prayers and even incantation in other spiritual traditions. The term comes from Sanskrit word “mantram” and it means the protection of the mind.

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Om Mani Padme Hum

When it comes to this particular Buddhist mantra, it should be said out load or silently and it invokes the blessings and the attention of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. It is said that Buddha put all the his teachings in this particular mantra, but it cannot really be translated into a simple phrase or sentence.

The meaning is somehow deep and it takes a while to understand it, but in translation it means that throughout a constant practice of a path filled with union of love, wisdom and compassion, you can transform your body, mind, speech and even spirit to reach a pure state of a Buddha.

This particular mantra is considered to be the greatest manifestation of love for all the Buddhists, it helps you find your journey to the full meaning of life. Also, it considered having healing capabilities and it can bring the body to full health.

Reading The Mantra

When it comes to reading this particular mantra, the guidelines go as follows:







The reading needs to be done from left to right. The vowel in the syllable “hu” is pronounced as in the English word ‘book’ and the final consonant in the syllable is often pronounced ‘ng’ as in ‘song.

To conclude, for the ones that want to follow the Buddhist guidelines in reaching the purpose of life, this particular mantra can easily be a perfect way to reach that particular goal.

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