Best Spirituality Movies To Watch

American Beauty

When you need and feel like watching a movie you ultimately want to gain more than simple entertainment as you need to feel something. You want to be both moved and inspired by the story presented in the movie. Spiritual movies both inspire and make you think about your life in the wider context. So here are some of the best spirituality movies for you to watch if you have not yet watched them.

13 Conversations about One Thing

This tells the tale of a group of New Yorkers who are loosely connected to one another.  The movie focuses on Matthew McConaughey who plays Troy, a lawyer and Alan Arkin, the actor who plays Gene, an insurance adjuster. Together with the people who surround and impact both their lives, they learn how to gain happiness and ponder the life’s big questions.

The Addiction

This movie is a take on the Vampire genre with an added twist. The ‘blood theme’ of the bloodsucking vampires is used as a symbol for sin while a New York philosophy student, Kathleen Conklin, finds herself confronted with vampires which make her question life, redemption and the meaning of true evil.

American Beauty

This film primarily focuses on Lester Burnham, an amazing character played by Kevin Spacey as he faces a midlife crisis. This is the usual American suburban tale of living the American dream which makes the viewer also question love, life and true relationships. It also makes you ask yourself whether your life can truly change for the better.

Au Hasard Balthazar

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This is an extremely visual story that involves a donkey and its life and untimely death. The film explores the relationship between the donkey, Balthazar and a young French girl named Marie played by Anne Wiazemsky. The story spans the donkey’s life, from humble and happy beginnings to a life of hardship and cruelty as he meets the villagers who shape his life. Again this film makes you question your own morality and the quality of the animal life.

Blade Runner

This epic science fiction tale about the future is based upon the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. This is a novel that was written by Philip K. Dick and the film made after it will make you question mortality, vulnerability and ultimately death.

Chariots of Fire

This is a tale about two British athletes, one a Jew and the other a Christian. They both compete in the 1924 Olympics held in Paris but the film is a lot more than simply a sports movie. The film questions friendships, loyalties as well as faith.

The Big Kahuna

This film focusses on language and dialogue and three protagonists, two of whom sell industrial lubricants and a younger and inexperienced salesman. The characters are put together during a conference during which they have to wait for the big boss, Kahuna, who will drastically change all of their lives. Once again, this film makes you question your own beliefs and the morality of your own life.