9 Smart Habits To Help You Stay Positive

9 Smart Habits To Help You Stay Positive

It is vital that you have a positive mental attitude in life. However, this does not happen by chance for most people. If you are struggling with staying positive, there are some smart habits that you can take advantage of right now to improve everything that you do in life.

Various habits can help you to remain positive. Let’s focus on some that are smart and that tend to help most people. There is a pretty good possibility that you will be able to use many of them and that your positivity will be improved as you initially wanted.

Find Optimistic Viewpoints In Negative Situations

This is a really simple way to improve positivity. You basically want to ask yourself really helpful questions when you are faced with a negative situation. Examples can include:

  • What is positive in this situation?
  • Is there an opportunity in this situation?

As you ask these questions you manage to find optimistic viewpoints. However, it is important that you do not ask such questions when the situation happens. Some time is needed to process feelings and thoughts. Force your optimistic thinking when you are a little shocked or during emotional turmoil.

Take It Slowly

Going to fast can easily lead to overthinking. You end up with more stress and negative thoughts just invade your mind. Personal power instantly goes down.

When you slow down for some time, even if you actually force this by eating slower, talking slower, walking or taking a shower, your body and mind will start to calm down. It is simply so much easier to think clearly so you can find a constructive and optimistic perspective to your current situation.

Cultivate Your Positive Living Environment

People that you spend time with and where you get input from will always have a huge influence on the outlook you have in life. In order to stay positive, the influences that you have in your life need to support you or lift you up, as opposed to being dragged down. You basically need to consider what is let inside your mind.

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As examples, ask yourself:

  • Who are the three negative people that you spend a lot of time with?
  • What are the three negative information sources that you spend time with?

Think about the answers to these questions. Then, try to reduce how much time you spend with these. Your goal is to spend more time being influenced by positive sources and positive people.

Stop And Breathe

You can easily lose your perspective if you are stressed and live goes fast. What you feel can quickly become terrifying. Handling stressful situations becomes complicated if you do not know what to do. A very simple way to handle everything is:

  • Stop – Just stop whatever it is you are doing.
  • Breathe – As the negative thoughts disappear, the next step is to breathe. Use your belly and truly focus on your breathing. This helps clear your mind.
  • Refocus – If you need help, talk to someone you trust and is close to you. Focus on how much the current situation will matter in the future.

Add Positivity To The Life Of Someone Else

The energies that you send out are the energies that you get back. While this does not always happen, the majority does tend to dictate your life. If you offer true value and positivity to those around you, eventually this is exactly what you will receive in return. The way in which you are treating your friends and people that you meet is the way in which you will be treated.

Some simple things that you can consider right now include:

  • Helping Out – Give your friend a car ride or lend a hand as a family member is moving. When you see someone looking for directions, offer them.
  • Listening – There are numerous cases when people do not want to receive direct help. If there is someone that is in such a situation, listening is often all that is needed.
  • Mood Boosting – Try to give hugs (only when appropriate) and smile. Uplifting music should play when you spend time with your friends. Basically, be sure that you do all that you can to boost of the mood of those around you.
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Stop Fears From Holding You Back

There are many moments in life when you simply want to take a chance. This is a really positive experience. You want to start new habits that are unfamiliar, a business or take someone out for drinks. No matter the case, a problem that often appears is fear. This practically makes your mind run wild and you end up with nightmare scenarios.

You want to do what is needed in order to realize the fact that the worst possible situation that could happen is not that scary. Clarity is always very important, in any situation. Try to find ways in which you can stop fear. What works for you is not necessarily what works for others.

Start Exercising And Do It Regularly

While this is so obvious, in many cases it is just not done. It is really important that you regularly exercise and that you sleep and eat well. If you are pessimistic it is really easy to be faced with so much daily tension.

When you start working out and you regularly do it, numerous health benefits appear. It is always important that you set up regular sessions and that you pay close attention to your sleeping patterns. Your nutrition needs to be good and you have to rest.

Take Criticism In The Proper, Healthy Way

One of the really common fears that people have is that of being criticized. This can so easily stop you from doing anything that you really want in life. Negativity flowing out will surely hurt you. Being rejected will sting so much more than what you initially think.

A huge problem with staying positive is that you will be criticized. This simply cannot be avoided. It is always vital that you learn how to handle criticism in a healthy way. As you do this, fear lessens.

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When you are criticized, here are some things that you can do:

  • Do not reply in the heat of the moment – Whenever upset, riled up or angry, responses are bad.
  • Listen to criticism – You want to remain open and see if the criticism you receive can actually help you.
  • Is criticism about you? – We often make the connection but in some cases criticism is just lashing out and it is not about the individual that is criticized.
  • Let go or reply – If you feel that you need to reply, do it and do it with good manner and positivity. If you feel that you do not need to reply, just do not. There are lessons that are learned in both situations.

Start The Day With Positivity

The way in which you start your day tends to set the tone for everything that happens during that day. How mornings are spent is really important. When your mind is focused on negativity and you are affected by stress, it is easy to lose strength and connectivity.

When your day starts slow and you have a really good conversation with your friend, or you just do something that you love or listen to the music you like, everything becomes positive.

Work hard at starting your day right and you will stay positive as you make this a smart habit.

Final Thoughts

Staying positive is not at all easy. You want to do all the work that is needed in order to get a positive mindset. This will take work. You will fail but as you manage to work through everything, your life will become better.

There are always other ways in which you can stay positive. What works for you is always unique. You need to find your very own smart habits. However, those above are surely going to get you on the right path.

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