6 Swimming Accessories You Cannot Do Without

Hooray – it would appear that the sun has finally arrived and that means that the summer holidays are not far away. Whether you’re staying local this summer or heading abroad to soak up some summer sun, one thing is for sure, you’re bound to take a quick dip in the ocean or pool to cool yourself down. With this in mind, this article takes a look at six must-have swimming accessories that you need to have on hand.

1)     Swim Wear
Obviously the most important swimming accessory that you need this summer is a swim wear. The current trend is for a one-piece swimming costume for the ladies which offer a flattering yet modest look whilst for the men it’s another year of board shorts with an emphasis on Hawaiian prints for this summer.

2)     Goggles
Another must-have swimming accessory this year are Swimming Goggles. You need to choose a pair that are well-fitting for both comfort and performance. Choose a pair that complement your face shape to create a flattering look whilst additional UV protection can help to not only protect the eyes from harmful UV rays but also from glare off the water. For those who are planning on spending more time with their heads under the water, a diving mask might be more appropriate.


By Tyler Bolken under CC BY 2.0


3)     Nose Clip
A nose clip is recommended if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the water. That horrific ‘burn’ in your nose from chemicals in pools or salt water can be reduced and even eliminated if you choose to wear a nose clip. It can also help to keep water out of your nose when free diving too.

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4)     Flippers or Fins
Flippers are a great way to help you glide through the water when swimming. They can be worn for diving or snorkelling as well as standard swimming and are perfect if you’re planning on swimming long distances as they allow you to use up less energy through propulsion then when compared to not wearing them. Fins, which are a shorter version of flippers, might be more appropriate for some water sports such as body boarding as they allow you to create extra propulsion without the lag of standard flippers.

5)     Swimming Cap
A swimming cap should be included in your must-have accessory list as they perform a number of different roles when swimming. Firstly, they cover the hair to create a more streamlined silhouette, making it easier for you to swim as there is less resistance. Secondly, swim caps can also keep the hair out of your face when swimming, thus improving visibility. Swimming caps are also a good way of keeping the sun off your head as a way of helping to reduce the chance of sunstroke whilst they also help to protect and maintain the condition of your hair by reducing exposure to salt water or chemicals which may make it dry and more prone to breaking.

6)     Sunscreen
Your final must-have swimming accessory this summer is sunscreen. Now it might not help you to swim any better but it will prevent you from getting sunburnt which causes discomfort, pre-mature aging and in some cases skin cancer.

Make sure you pack all these essentials into your pool or beach bag for great summer fun.

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