6 Platforms That Can Help Small Business in Their Online Marketing

Today we want to go over cornerstone platforms that will propel your small businesses online marketing efforts forward. These tools will complete highly dynamic and complex tasks for you with a great array of options for further customization. Remember that these tools used in complementary with conventional methods of online search optimization will yield the most positive results.

#1 Kaltura

Kaltura Video Platform

This tool is great for online video syndication, not only will it aggregate all digital media outlets, but it will include a one click button to complete all of this for you. Additionally, you can control where the content is posted, automatic update features for new content, prevent semantic errors, manage all your distribution contents, and much more. There are also options to aggregate feed & comment content to one area, thus reducing the need for inefficient checking on each web site. Video syndication is a major part of getting your online business out there, but it is also a very tedious process that can be eliminated through Kaltura.

#2 Market Samurai

Market Samurai

This is the pinnacle of search engine optimization keyword searching, produced by former internet marketers themselves; this platform provides a complete reserve of useful tools. You can search for complementary keywords; find the amount of money typically spent per customer for specific keywords, the traffic rate and etc. Most importantly this Market Samurai will give you an accurate gauge of how much competition you can expect to face in a certain keyword, and if too much, refer you to a similar, less competitive one.

#3 Social Chorus

Social Chorus

Good content generation and brand management are key components to any businesses success regardless of size. Social chorus is recently created platform that allows you to find users, within your company’s product offering, whom have the largest following of your target market. This allows for efficient selection of people to partner with and have your brand message received by a captive audience. 

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#4 Kwanzoo


Although this service is a little expensive, we believe it is well worth it for small business managers who do not want to be actively involved in online marketing restructuring. Kwanzoo allows managers to pick and choose from different social and traditional marketing techniques ready to go. The service has received lots of positive reviews from small business owners and should be considered an alternative to separate platforms.

#5 Awareness

Awareness Hub

This platform allows small business managers to effectively know the statistics behind their various inbound marketing campaigns. The platform returns accurate numbers on how much money is being with different campaigns, risks, draw downs, ROI, and other analytical tools. This allows small business managers to easily choose the most effective marketing campaign approach.

#6 Aweber


This is by far probably the most reliable and efficient tool for online email marketing. It is very important to continue relationship with existing customers and have a way of introducing new consumers into the mold. Aweber allows you to track, create, modify and group different emails for different parts of your small business.

In conclusion we hope the platforms offered here will provide you with a great way to maximize your time and efficiency with your online marketing efforts. Please be sure to like and favorite us and we hope to see you in the future!

By Jason Smith