The Secrets for Making Billboards and Tear Drop Banners Successful Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

There are things to consider when creating a successful outdoor advertising campaign. These are important since advertising campaigns become effective in promoting businesses and are a great help to business people. The first and most famous advertising campaigns used are billboards. These are used to promote businesses since the 1800s. Tear drop banner or the flying banner is a new promotional flag product used by businesses today. Here are secrets on how these advertising campaigns become successful in promoting business in different demographics.


By freewheelinbiker under CC BY 2.0
By freewheelinbiker under CC BY 2.0

Advertising Campaign Text Should be Brief

The text on the campaigns should be brief and most importantly catchy. For example, the billboards’ viewers are drivers, pedestrians, bikers, cyclists, etc. so they only have 6 to 10 seconds to read the board. Hence, it is ideal to make boards with 5 to 6 catchy words only. This is to avoid distraction and to make sure that they are able to get the message. The same thing goes for a tear drop banner. It should come with brief text that is catchy, too.

In addition, Web site addresses and phone numbers do not necessarily need to appear on the board or the tear drop banner. Viewers cannot make a direct response to these phone numbers and addresses. It can make a difference if the phone numbers and addresses are the headlines of the board and tear drop banners.


Advertising Campaigns Should Have Simple Design

People are used to seeing billboards and exhibition stands so they need to be creative to catch their interest. Marketing professionals have different approaches in making boards look creative. Some of them use colourful fonts, big fonts, and big logos. There are professionals that make their boards come in unconventional shapes, too. Making use of the environment and the surrounding area is another way to make boards creative and catchy. A great example for this is the billboard designed for the consumer product Absolute Vodka. It is considered the most successful billboard in advertising’s history.

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Also, a tear drop banner should be visible to viewers. Just like billboard outdoor advertising, they should come with a catchy design that will make viewers turn around and stop. These come with different sizes such as the 14 inch single or double sided banner, 19 inch single or double sided banner, 4 ft. banner, etc.


Advertising Campaigns Should have the Right Location

A billboard, tear drop banner, and sky dancer should not only have the right text and design, they should be positioned in the right place as well to become successful. These should be positioned in places where there are many people who can view them. Companies are paying a larger amount of money so that their products can be advertised. Getting the right location for this advertising has a few factors. First is the number of possible viewers that will be viewing them. Next is the amount that companies will be paying for the location. Perfect locations are roadways, metropolitan areas and local sporting arenas that are heavily populated.

However, the location for a tear drop banner may vary. The target audience and the messaging will determine what will be their right location. For example, Nike comes with a transparent billboard where viewers may walk through. The board confuses the viewers at first. It appears like a painting for some viewers, or a transparent billboard.


Antigua Coca-Cola Billboard
By Don O’Brien under CC BY 2.0


Advertising Campaigns Should Be Smart

Tear drop banners and billboards do not need to have clever message for it can only lead to viewers’ confusion. Having a smart message will be enough as long as these promotional materials will be able to leave a lasting impression on the reader. Marketing professionals should avoid making their viewers scratch their heads while looking at the materials. These materials should be fun and simple.

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For example, a tear drop banner with a banner stand created with smart artwork. This is not only catchy to viewers but makes it smart looking. In the business of advertising, there is no need to show off cleverness.


Advertising Campaign; the More the Better

It is important to produce more tear drop banner and billboard displays to make sure that many viewers will be able to see them. Billboards may be too expensive to reproduce over and over again. Business people may choose the tear drop banner approach instead. The more materials produced and displayed, the greater chance of getting many viewers who can become potential customers.


Author: Daniel Evans specializes in Marketing projects, Digital Art, and Concept Innovations.