5 Stunning Tropical Flowers To Inspire Your Imagination

Many people love to have flower gardens or to grow flowers in their homes because flowers are beautiful, they smell amazing but they also are inspiring because of their beauty and fragility.

During the last decades, tropical flowers become very popular and numerous people love to have them in their home in pots to take care of them or in vases as flower bouquets to admire their beauty. Now, without further ado, here are 5 stunning tropical flowers to inspire your imagination:


Plumeria tropical flower

Plumeria is actually a tree that can grow very big so it is impossible to grow it in your apartment but you can visit a botanical garden to admire the tree and its beautiful, delicate and perfect flowers that will definitely inspire your imagination.

Tropical plumeria flowers are gathered in clusters and each flower has 5 petals. The most common plumeria flowers are white and they have yellow centers but there are also plumeria trees that have red, pink, yellow and white flowers.

If you really want plumeria in your garden, you can grow plumeria in containers but make sure you move them in a warm environment during cold months if you do not live in a climate that is hot all year round.


orchid flower

Orchids are very popular and well-known but that doesn’t make them less fascinating and beautiful. They are simple and delicate yet mesmerizing and loved by so many different people. There are more than 30,000 species of orchids in the world in different sizes, shapes or colors and some of them have a pleasant and subtle fragrance.

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You might think that orchids require a lot of care and maintenance but the most common types are quite easy to grow at home with just a little bit of love and care.


tropical flowers - bromeliad

Bromeliads are not only beautiful and fascinating but also adaptable and resilient. Even though they are tropical flowers, they easily adapt to different environments, they tolerate infrequent watering as opposed to other tropical flowers that require regular and careful watering, they have amazing flower and the inflorescence can last more than three months.

Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical Water Lily

The tropical water lily is a day-blooming flower that floats on the water. These fascinating aquatic flowers are violet with a yellow center and they bloom during summer months continuously.

You clearly cannot grow water lilies into an apartment but if you have a garden with a small pond and you want to be inspired by their beauty on a regular basis, you can grow water lilies in the pond or you can create a tub garden.


tropical pink hibiscus

Tropical hibiscus feature plate-shaped flowers in numerous bold colors. The most common hibiscus shades are yellow, orange, pink and red but hibiscus flowers can also be purple, white, lavender or even bicolor.

These tropical flowers bloom during summer months and you can grow them in containers or pots and you can use them to decorate your patio or other parts of your home. Since they are so beautiful and inspiring, they can also be used as landscape accents in your outdoor garden.