5 New Tech Toys You Can’t Live Without

5 New Tech Toys You Can’t Live Without

Technology continues to advance at an alarming rate, and this means that new product releases occur every single year that will keep the tech-savvy on the edge of their seats in anticipation. These coming months are no exception as a number of exciting breakthroughs will provide new gadgets for everyone from adventure-seekers to homeowners. Here is a closer look at 5 new and popular gadget picks.


Panasonic 40k 20” Tablet

When most customers are looking to purchase a new tablet, those that hear about touchscreens moving into the range of nearly 2 feet seems like a turnoff. Most tablets have been designed to be comfortable and ergonomic for extended use, and this means smaller screens. Panasonic has marketed this behemoth to a slightly different crowd and the primary selling feature of this advanced tablet is a screen with nearly four times the resolution of a 1080p device.


Looxcie LX2 Wearable Video Camera

Portable high-definition cameras have become extremely popular in recent years for projects ranging from family videos to outdoor adventures. For customers that would like an exceptionally portable product that requires nothing but a wearable lens and their phone, the Looxcie Lx2 wearable video cam may be the best option. This product fits over the ear and can then upload videos to any website with just a single click of the button.


Vivint Home Automation

Complete home automation is no longer an unattainable technology option, and this means that many have now turned to Vivint Home Automation to transform their own house. This unique system offers three packages including home security, home automation, and a climate control configuration, each centered on touchscreen controls and various sensors around the home. You can find out more on Vivint’s Twitter.

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Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle has remained one of the best options for a dedicated eReader, and the newest Kindle Paperwhite has once again set the bar. This Paperwhite screen is crystal clear and works wonderfully in both artificial and natural lighting. In addition to this, the backlight offers reading that is easy on the eyes, even in a dark room.


Valve Piston Steam Box – Xi3

Valve has forever changed how videos games are purchased and enjoyed with simple and affordable options for everything from console crossover games to affordable updates on existing titles. With the newest Piston Steam Box, also referred to as the Xi3, gamers now have a single device that can store up to a terabyte of information and then display on nearly any screen with its own modular quad-core AMD processor.

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