4 Simple Marketing Tips that Will Keep Your Sales Flowing

4 Simple Marketing Tips that Will Keep Your Sales Flowing

Most people often forget the classic marketing advice that will help them to make more sales. But, the classic advice is often the best advice that they can take. If you have a problem in making sales of your product promotion, here are 4 simple marketing tips that will generate consistent sales:


1. Attract people’s attention

First of all, before you expect people to take a look at your product, you need to be able to attract people’s attention first. This is the basic law of marketing. You can’t make people interested if you don’t attract their attention. So, in order to make your product interesting for your audience, you need to attract their attention. How? Through your pages headline or ad. Whatever product that you promote, create a headline or ad that attracts people’s attention and encourages them to take a look at your product.

2. Arouse people’s interest toward your product

You’ve got people’s attention, now your task is to make them feel interested in your product. How can you make an ice cream look interesting to eat? By describing its flavour and how it may satisfy your customers taste, especially on a hot day. This is the way to make your product interesting. Let people know what’s inside the product, let people know what the product can do. Tell them your product’s USP (unique selling point); if you can do this in your promotion material, then you will be able to arouse people’s interest toward your product.

3. Make people desire your product

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Making people interested toward your product won’t have enough power to persuade them to buy. You have to make them to desire the product first so you can motivate them to buy it. This is the part where you tell your audience about the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) factor. What is the benefit of the product for me? People will ask this question inside their mind when they feel interested in your product. If you can answer this question, then your potential customer’s interest will immediately turn into desire. Once they have the desire to buy, the last thing that you need to do is to make them take action immediately.

4. Make them take action immediately

Though people desire to buy your product, they won’t want to make the buying decision immediately. They’ll think: “Well, this product is good, I want it. I’ll wait until next week before I buy this product, I’ll put it in my wish list.” A week has passed and they no longer want to buy your product. Why? That’s because people easily forget and they can change their decision very quickly. That’s why you need to make them to take action immediately if you want to win more sales from your product promotions. Now that you have people’s desire, all that’s left is the reason to buy. If you can give people a solid reason to buy your product right now, they’ll buy it, provided that they have desire to buy the product. So, this is where your call to action appears. Remember that an effective call to action will provide a reason for your audience to buy your product immediately.

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Those are 4 simple marketing tips that will keep your sales flowing. Most of you will understand immediately that those tips are actually the steps in AIDA strategy (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action). However, many people won’t use this simple strategy to enhance the results of their promotion. Then, they wonder why they have very little sales coming in. So, if you want to keep your sales pouring, it is good for you to follow this simple process properly.

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