2013 Electronics Trends to Look Out For

There are many new and improved technological items that are coming out this year, many of which are designed not only to help us live more easily, but will add more enjoyment to our lives, too. Some products are going to seem familiar while others will be very new. You are almost sure to find something that you will enjoy using.


Technology is moving forward at a fast pace in today’s world. Whether you’re looking for a new hybrid car, or the latest electronic gadget, things are much different today than they were ten years ago. Odds are that technology will be even more advanced in another ten years. But in today’s society, there are still some great marvels being produced. Here are a few of the most recent electronic trends and products to be well aware of.


The Microsoft Surface Pro looks like it is going to be an amazing piece of technology. This computer can function as both a tablet and laptop. It will have Windows 8 on it, but will still be able to support any of the Windows 7 apps. It will also have a full keyboard and a touch screen, allowing it to function in a variety of different ways. For those looking for a versatile computer, this is a very good tool to have on your side. It will cost about $900, which is a pretty steep price for a tablet, but not a huge expense for a laptop. When you figure in that this combines both types of computers, this is actually a quite reasonable expense.


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Another product being released in 2013 is the Amazon Phone. This product is a follow up to the very successful line of tablets that Amazon has released with its Kindle and Kindle Fire. The phone will have a very app-heavy focus, which is to be expected since Amazon already has an extensive app store online. What’s most exciting about this soon to be released phone is that it will probably be pretty cheap. You might have heard how Amazon makes no money on the sales of their Kindle Fire devices, but more than makes up money because of the thousands of apps and ebooks that they offer. The same marketing strategy will likely be used for their phone, too, and this is a very good thing for consumers.

Augmented reality glasses—a thing that looks like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie—is also likely to be released in mid 2013. These glasses will hook up to your phone via Bluetooth and display email and web images for you through your glasses. This is quickly becoming a reality for software developers Google and Vuzix, so expect this product to be released in the near future. These are likely to be pretty expensive at first because of their advance technology, but they should be a really cool product to enjoy.


Tech items are progressing quickly, and this is a good thing for the customer. There are so many tech choices out there and many of these are meant to make life easier and more enjoyable. Over the coming year, look forward to many new devices to surface, and get ready for the new trends that these products will create. This is a very exciting time to live in, and these pieces of technology just add to that fact.

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