What to Do in the Case of Electrical Injury

There is no doubt that the discovery of electricity and how it might be used has been extremely beneficial to society. The down side with all things is electrical is that they need to be handled with extreme care. Unless you are an engineer or really do understand what you are dealing with, it is best to let a professional deal with faulty electrical equipment. If is not a good idea to purchase electrical supplies from a car boot or something similar, even if the item appears to be working.

electricity (Photo credit: Terry Freedman)

Many accidents take place in the home and a good number of those are the result of faulty electrical equipment. One of the ways you can minimise accidents with electricity is only to buy even energy saving products from reputable suppliers. Make sure that any equipment such as table lamps has the right wattage bulb and an earthed plug. Never use silver paper as a quick fix for a fuse; this can cause electrical fires and severe electrical burns.

No matter how careful you are about where you purchase electrical supplies and how you deal with electrical equipments, sometimes accidents happen. Electrical injuries can be quite serious and you need to act fast as soon as your realise what is happening.

First Actions

Don’t touch the injured person if they still have hold of the equipment or electrical product. If possible turn the supply off at the mains. Use something rubber based to push the person out of harms way as they could have become a conductor of that electricity. If the person is still conscious but is burned cover with a clean cloth to keep it dry and telephone either the doctor or the emergency services to find out

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what is your best course of action.


If the person is unconscious then get them on their side and into the recovery position. If they have stopped breathing you could try mouth to mouth resuscitation. If you don’t know how to resuscitate someone phone for an ambulance immediately and then ask for instructions over the telephone. Quick action is vital in these cases as the person will most likely need hospital treatment. Once they are breathing make sure that they are on their side in the recovery position and covered with a blanket or coat. People usually get very cold after a shock and you need to keep them warm until help arrives.

Electrical Fires

If there is an electrical fire, switch off at the mains if you can. If you can’t reach the main box and fire is spreading then get out of the building and ask someone else to call the fire brigade. If you or the person with you is injured then ask for an ambulance if the injury is severe, or some help if you or the other person has a minor burn. You should notify the people who live other side of you if the fire looks as if it is going to spread and then get well away from the building.