Top Presents for One Year Old Babies

Whether you are looking to find the ultimate gift for your child or a gift for a friend’s infant, searching for that perfect present is harder than it seems. A baby’s first birthday celebrations are not only important but one of the most significant times in the child’s life. Whilst they may be easily entertained by the wrapping paper or ribbon, it is certainly worthwhile selecting something special. So what are some of the best present ideas?

1.      Small push toys

By Weird Beard (Happy) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Weird Beard (Happy) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Considered to be one of the most exciting toys for an infant, a small car or buggy could be the ideal gift for a one year old. Small push toys will ensure they improve their walking skills as well as providing hours of fun as they push it around without a care in the world. The classic vacuum toy with many balls in the centre is another favourite with small babies. Meanwhile you can choose from a number of different toys that will;

  • Offer hours of entertainment for the baby.
  • Give interaction and educational tools.
  • Provide independence and adventure.

2.      Toy play phone

One of the most popular toys for a one year old is a genuine toy phone which has a wide variety of whistles and bells on it. This will encourage the child to interact and engage with the product in spite of the fact he or she cannot talk yet. In addition, there are a host of companies who manufacture phones of this nature with;

  • Sliding features for extra interaction.
  • Touch screen displays for instant fun.
  • Farm animal noises to introduce babies to a wealth of new sounds.
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3.      Bath toys

Playtime can be that extra fun if you decide to purchase a toy that the baby can use in the bath. There are several gifts for children that will offer hours of fun for the child. Meanwhile, thanks to innovation, bath toys have certainly come on leaps and bounds since the wind up frog and provide items such as;

  • A swimming octopus or turtle that does somersaults.
  • Large waterproof sheets to put different shapes on.
  • Bath toy storage solutions.
  • LED changing products.

4.      Feeding items

Now that one year olds have moved onto more solid foods, it is time for the child to indulge in a special eating apparatus. This will make a lovely gift for the recipient and especially when themed with a cartoon character or a book that the baby likes. You can add several items together in order to make an attractive gift basket. Presents to give you inspiration include;

  • Bowls.
  • Special cartoon character spoons.
  • Decorative cups and beakers.
  • Plates.

5.      Techy toys

Currently there are a wealth of gadgets and gizmos for a child to enjoy. Using the latest technology and design, these toys create plenty of noise whilst ensuring the delight of the infant. From rattling to beeping, there are several leading companies manufacturing these particularly fun interactive gifts. Some presents to look out for feature;

  • Numerous buttons or hidden doors.
  • Flashing lights.
  • Different objects such as balls with mirrors and different types of musical fun.

6.     Books

As a child’s education develops, so does their knowledge and what better way to feed their imagination than with a book. Birthdays are the perfect time in order to extend an infant’s library. If you want to grab the baby’s attention whilst enhancing their enjoyment, choose books that involve;

  • Pop up features.
  • A range of colourful and vibrant images.
  • Exciting and interesting stories.
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There is a wide variety of gift choices available for a one year old baby. With the ever increasing children’s toy market and the amount of products on offer, the choice is really yours.