Tips To Help You Meditate In Busy Outdoor Areas

Meditating in a park can be quite challenging but this does not mean it is impossible, as some will tell you. Being able to meditate in the park or in public can be great since you basically get to meditate a little more. It would be possible for you to meditate faster, without being restricted by audible distractions. Just think about the following and you are surely going to find it so much easier to meditate peacefully in a busy park.

Implementing Surrounding Sounds Into Meditation

When you meditate at home you have no problems since everything is quiet around you. As you are in the park and you take the same approach, it will simply not work. What you have to do is use an open awareness form, one in which sounds become part of the meditation routine.

Start by becoming completely aware of the light, sound and space around you. Every single sound has to be accepted. Conventionally it is possible to think that all of these sounds are unpleasant but you should accept them so that you can get rid of this problem. Just think that you allow everything to pass, without inhibitions. As you practice the sounds will no longer be a distraction.

You Will Be Interrupted

Although you sit with eyes closed, it is sure that you will be interrupted by some people. Meditation as an activity where you are not disturbed does not work in the park. If you really want not to be disturbed, you will need to have something with you that clearly states you are meditating. However, even so, you will surely be interrupted. Do accept disturbances as gracefully as possible.

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Choose A Preferred Meditation Form

Various meditation types can be performed outdoor. Walking meditation is the most common but it is also possible to do breathing mindfulness, practice loving kindness or something else that would be attractive for you. Meditating at home involves some specific stages that you tend to keep following. When meditating in a park those stages will not take place. What normally should be done is to skip to the last stage as that is the most important one.

Avoid The Weird Looking Positions

This is not necessarily important for your meditation but it is quite important because of how people tend to perceive meditation. Do not use the postures that involve hands placed on knees or to your sides. Regular seated positions can be used with great results. They are very good for meditating when in the park or even when on a bus.


We should realize that in the past, most of the meditation was carried out outdoors. People did not worry about what others say or think, as they do now. It is only now that meditation is associated with indoor activities. You can easily meditate in the park and have a great experience, as long as you practice. You will have a truly wonderful experience with only minor modifications in posture or what stages you follow.