Tips For Taking A Highly Successful Spiritual Retreat In Lake Como

There are many different reasons why you would want to plan a spiritual retreat in wonderful spots like Northern Italy’s Lake Como. Some people just want to take time off from their busy lives. Others need to refocus on something that they are fond of. No matter what your reasons are, the most important part of everything is the planning phase.

Many retreat types exist. You can go to some organized by people that do this for a living or your very own at rental homes in Lake Como or wherever you may enjoy the surroundings. In all situations and locations you can get closer to your inner self, finding out new things about you and becoming better as a person. You can get closer to God and completely reshape your life.

The problem with the refocusing retreat in Lake Como in most cases is that it can be quite expensive. Also, most retreats are not highly structured. You can do this anywhere you have a really quiet place, get rid of distractions and focus on what you are interested in. Some people may even just go to a motel. The experience is always personal so you need to first think about what is right for you.

If you want to make your Lake Como spiritual retreat better, a true success that helps you reach your goals, here are just some ideas that can help you out.

Carefully Choose The Quiet Place To Visit In Lake Como

No matter what place you choose for your spiritual retreat, what is really important is to minimize distractions and be comfortable. Be sure that it is possible to break up the retreat time into shorter sessions. You do need to add some fun between meditation sessions.

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Loose Scheduling

Most people are used with a really busy schedule when at home so it is natural to be drawn into a highly busy schedule as you go to the spiritual retreat. However, this is a mistake. You want to be sure that you chill and relax. During a retreat you need to renew your connection with yourself and you need to revitalize what is happening in your life. This is impossible if the schedule you agree to at the spiritual retreat is way too full.

Do Not Go To Lake Como Alone

Going alone on a spiritual retreat is not as easy as it might seem. It is always better to go with someone that you really like and that shares your own beliefs. Meditating with someone can give you increased focus. Also, during those times when you have fun you can easily enjoy yourself a lot more if you are with someone you trust.

At the same time, you do not want to be surrounded by too many people. It is really hard to find a group that shares your approach to spirituality or even relaxation. However, with a close family member or friend, this is much easier.

Keep A Journal

This is something you will rarely hear about. Using a journal is very good during spiritual retreats as it helps you to make everything better. You can write about what you are currently grateful for, about the struggles you face and about your connection with God. The journal can become a foundation for the retreat process. Start doing some centering exercises and then check what you wrote in the journal during the past months. You can thus easily remind yourself of retreat commitments and what you want to do.

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As an extra related tip, take some colored markers and use them to highlight quotes you add in the journal. Do the same for important comments and ideas. If you feel like it, rewrite your prayers or quotes as they change or become more important for you. Basically, use the journal in order to explore your journal and see how things are going. This can help you stay on your spiritual track.

Break Up The Retreat Time

A spiritual/meditation session should never last over one hour. Generally, it is a very good idea to just stop as you still enjoy what is happening. Developing structure for every single session or at least a day plan can help much more than you think at the moment. Basically, you want to be sure that every session flows, continuing what started in the past session. When the retreat time is not broken up this is close to impossible.

Between Sessions, Do Something Fun

Basically, the idea is to do something that does not require concentration between your spiritual sessions. For instance, you can go hiking or just enjoy the Lake Como outdoors through a relaxing walk. Basically, you want to use the right side of your brain. Find something that you really enjoy and that relaxes you. Some people will listen to favorite orchestral songs. Others just read a book. Try not to do things that will distract you, like surfing the internet or checking your email. Also, be careful with reading books. This could change your train of thought. Only read or watch TV if this is something that does not distract you.

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Create Tangible Goals For The Following Months

The spiritual retreat should be used in order to create tangible goals that you can focus on during the following months. Try to set goals for your spiritual life, relationships, gardening, relaxation, ministry or personal well-being. That is important since it helps to work towards a more relaxed life that is totally balanced. This is quite hard to do in today’s stressful world. Go to Lake Como and think about the facts above to have that perfect experience you surely want.