6 Wonderful Yoga Retreats In Costa Rica

Every single yoga enthusiast or person interested in spirituality should think about visiting Costa Rica since this is a country that simply screams out tranquility. There are numerous incredible yoga retreats that are perfectly placed in unique locations.

The great thing about the country is that many yoga retreats are popping up right now. There are even many retreats that will combine yoga with interesting activities like meditation, detox and surfing.

There are options available for all budgets and you can easily find something that you are going to love, ranging from yoga retreats meant for singles to yoga retreats that are built for the adrenaline seeker.

What Are The Best Costa Rica Yoga Retreats?

Obviously, this is a question that can only have a subjective answer. However, the retreats that are mentioned below are among the very best you can visit. They can definitely be considered as being the best. If you know of others that are also great, be sure to comment to let others know.

Drift Away Eco Lodge – Playa Avellanas, Guanacaste

The Drift Away Eco Lodge gives you access to a perfect location for a relaxing and intimate retreat if you want to unwind.

At the resort you can choose out of different retreats. One of them is a custom option that can fit all your needs and wishes. When you want to host a retreat, this lodge is great. You can have a great time at the yoga pavilion (screened), relax at home and enjoy the open-air breakfast bar.

If you choose this Costa Rica yoga retreat, expect to pay $660 for a 4 nights retreat with at least 4 people.

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Samasati Retreat And Sanctuary – Puerto Viejo, Limon

The Samasati Retreat is located right in the middle of the rainforest. It changes the meaning of the word “retreat”. This is special because it is placed right on protected land. You get really close to nature and you do not affect the local fauna and flora.

At the Samasati Retreat you can also be a part of history since this is among the first of the country’s resorts to offer yoga retreats. Experience is really high for the entire staff.

Various packages are available and you can expect to pay up to $260 per night, based on what you opt for. It is also possible to get a room for just $90. You can also go for the surf and yoga experience they offer.

Anamaya Yoga Retreat – Santa Teresa, Puntarens

If you want to experience a luxury retreat, Anamaya Yoga Retreat should be considered. It is a wonderful option and is located right on a stunning hilltop that overlooks beautiful landscape.

You can choose out of different retreat packages, ranging from Rejuvenation and Relaxation to Adventure and Yoga. There are even surfing options available and a package that is especially created for couples.

In the really inexpensive and flexible packages you receive access to a really luxurious room and you can pick the yoga classes that you want to be a part in. Activities like circus training and surfing are available.

The really popular package is the impressive Yoga And Adventure package. This gives you access to guided jungle adventures, a lot of time to relax and daily yoga classes.

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The packages that you can choose from vary from $90 to $395 per week. Lodging is around $350 per night.

Harmony Hotel – Playa Guiones, Guanacaste

Harmony Hotel is an eco-hotel that is fully-sustainable in the gorgeous Nosara. This place is great even if you do not want to do yoga and you just want to relax. If you do want to get the best experience, be sure to go for the Restoration Week package.

Through the Restoration Week package you get to fully reconnect with yourself. You receive individualized consultations, fully personalized yoga routines and many massage sessions. You can go for 3 or 6-day options.

Harmony’s Restoration Week prices range between $1330 to $2305, with lodging included.

Blue Spirit – Nosara, Nicoya Province

Blue Spirit can only be described as being a perfect yoga retreat in lovely Costa Rica. It is so easy to focus on rejuvenation, re-centering yourself and relaxation since the retreat takes care of everything for you.

Usually, the re is a weekly yoga retreat running so it does not matter when you visit since the experience will be world-class. Even Yoga Teacher Trainings are available but in this case you need to check the schedule in advance.

At Blue Spirit you can enjoy an incredible infinity pool and a full-service spa. If you want to know about prices, you want to check with the resort.

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort – Nosara, Nicoya Province

This is another really great yoga retreat that is found in Nosara, which does seem to be the perfect destination for yoga enthusiasts. Bodhi Tree is an eco-lodge that wants to make you collected, centered and calm during your entire stay.

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Various yoga retreat options are available. Some are private while the rest are on their official calendar. Packages range from $2,090 to $4,615 per person. This is based on room type and how many people will attend.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Costa Rica is a wonderful travel destination for every single person interested in yoga and relaxation, with a bit of adventure sprinkled on top. You can easily have the time of your life at any of the yoga resorts mentioned above.Obviously, there are many others that you can choose from. If you stayed in a yoga resort in Costa Rica, be sure that you comment and let others know, if the experience was great, of course.