Five Bedroom Design Ideas for 2013

The new year has come and the new home design catalogues, as well.  Here are five bedroom design ideas for 2013, ranging from the simple and clean lines of soft contemporary to the more raw look of natural motifs, that might inspire you to finally roll up sleeves and do that bedroom remodeling project you have planned for quite some time.


Bring the Nature into Your Home

Recently, natural home design has become very popular among people who try to reconnect with the surrounding them world. This hasn’t changed in 2013, and natural motifs are still on trend.

Use unrefined, unorthodox materials to give your bedroom a raw yet unique look. As for the colour scheme, consider shades of green and blue. Focus on more soft hues. This will create a comfortable and warm environment to relax in. Open-plan storage made of natural woods will match perfectly the relaxed colour scheme.

Unique Design

Instead of going for a popular theme that can be seen in many bedrooms, go for unique one. Combination of different styles and accessories is the key to an outstanding look in 2013, according to many designers. They suggest using modern and old designing elements together into one conception to avoid clichéd designs, and achieve uniqueness. Also, focus on things with long-term value and design to place in your bedroom. This way, your room will not only be modern in 2013 but the years ahead, as well.

Soft Contemporary

Living in a traditional house doesn’t mean you can’t transform your bathroom according to the new trends. There are many warm and soft lines that will allow you to turn your bedroom into a modern piece of art while keeping the original style of your home.

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Break the traditional white and cream décor by implementing dark highlights into your bedroom design. A sliding wardrobe is another great addition to a traditional bedroom. It will maximize your storage options and keep the space looking clean and clutter-free.

Floral Themes

Floral themes were very popular last year, and it seems they will remain as such through 2013, as well.

You can turn your bedroom into a designing ideal very easily using a variety of floral-designed materials, form bedding to wallpapers. If you are not keen on an all-floral design, you still can  make your bedroom looking stylish by using just a few colourful floral accents.

Black and White

Black and white design never gets old, and is always on trend. You may find it hard to nail this style, but if you succeed, the results will be amazing. Professional designers recommend using white as basis and back for details: side tables, lampshades, simple clocks, pictures’ and mirrors’ frames and so on.


Surely, 2013 will offer many designing alternatives, but it seems these five will be the main trends through the year when it comes to bedrooms. So, keep them in mind when planning a bedroom renovation.


Author: Amelia Cole – Follow her on Google+.