The Top 5 Engagement Rings Of All Time

The quest for the perfect man is in many ways a pipe dream for many women, and so they settle for the perfect engagement ring instead! In principle, every woman wants a ring that dazzles, and is the envy of all her friends and relatives. Keeping up with the latest will give you a small hint about all the famous and most popular rings out there, allowing you to compare and get a clear picture of the ring that you most desire.

Most Coveted Engagement Rings

This list is by no means exclusive as there are many rings that have made history over the years for being breathtaking and obscenely expensive.

First on the list, The Graff diamond engagement ring is a rare, top of the line piece that is made with about a dozen, hand picked diamonds. It’s all glittery and beautiful, and comes attached to a price tag of up to $2 million. This ring was the signature piece for Donald Trump, and it still ranks as one of the most coveted engagement rings today.

Next is the 24 carat, diamond engagement ring that was flaunted around by the infamous Paris Hilton. The double digit carats already give you an idea of just how expensive the ring is ($4.7 million to be exact), and is considered one of the most expensive engagement rings of all time.

The ever contentious Kim Kardashian never misses the list. Her giant diamond ring is still one of the most talked about, costing around $2 million, and was discussed for many weeks, which is surprising considering the fact that her marriage to Kris Humphries only lasted 75 days.

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One of the most unique rings of all time, owing to the fact that it was pretty much hand crafted, is the banquette styled diamond engagement ring made famous by John F. Kennedy, with a green emerald centerpiece. This is one of the very first top class engagement rings, and it was also characterized by a circle of tiny diamonds around the centerpiece to add to its already breathtaking design. This ring cost up to $1.5 million.

Carats are all anyone ever looks at as far as choosing engagement rings goes. The more the carats, the more pronounced the ring, and the more expensive. The most expensive engagement ring known to man today comes from a familiar source. Famous rapper and producer Jay-Z bought his fiancé, Beyonce Knowles, a 20 carat engagement ring, with a huge 18 carat diamond centerpiece. The ring cost an astounding $5 million, and is certainly one of a kind.


Things You Ought To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Most of the rings mentioned above are beyond most people’s pay grade. Fortunately, there are a few things that may help you in your quest to find the perfect ring for your partner.

– Always go for the round brilliant cut when you are looking for a design that emphasizes the ring’s centerpiece. The round definition is popular based on the fact that it gives your diamond a kind of ‘wow’ factor, and it works great when the carats aren’t as high.

If you are looking to save some money on any purchase, then perhaps it comes highly recommended to purchase your diamonds online. Some reputable dealers allow you to save up to 25% on a purchase, which is a great deal for people on a tight budget.

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