The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within – by Christine Valters Paintner – Review

The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within – by Christine Valters Paintner – Review

Christine Valters Paintner’s :The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within” is acclaimed as being one of the best of the eight books written by the author. The “Abbey Of The Arts” online retreat center abbess will take the reader through a really interesting pilgrimage experience, the inner journey that helps people discover God’s heart. This is quite a unique concept that not many talk about.

Eight stages are presented, starting with hearing the call to go home. All the stages are carefully accompanied by interesting scripture stories highlighting biblical journeys. This is combined with creative and unique prayer practices, photography and writing coming from Paintner.

This book is often compared with 2 others from the writer, “Eyes of the Heart” and “The Artist’s Rule” because of the similar journey presented, with readers traveling towards their souls’ frontiers in order to discover God’s hidden presence. In this book we see the identification of the 8 stages of this exact journey, together with indications on how to follow the steps with the purpose of making transformative, intentional journeys.

All exploration phases are presented as requiring a specific practice like being uncomfortable, embracing something that is not known to packing lightly. Paintner highlights how divine attentiveness can be cultivated through patience, opening one’s soul and deep listening.

In the 8 chapters you will find theme reflections, one innovation to the lectio divina practice, creative exploration advice through writing and photography and a scripture story that fits.

What Do People Say About “The Soul of a Pilgrim”?

One of the best ways to see if a book is great is to take a look at reviews written by people that actually read it. Obviously, the subject is one that is subjective since the reference to God is always popping up. However, generally speaking, most of the reviews talk about this book as being a true inspiration, an eye opener and a guidebook.

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“The Soul of a Pilgrim” is so often referred to as a moving, creative book that is a great companion when you are on a spiritual journey. Although biblical references are presented all throughout the book, you can relate to what is presented without having to believe in the highlighted God.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this is a book you do want to consider in the event you want to be on a journey towards becoming happier and if you do believe in a spiritual higher power, no matter what that power is, you will have a great experience when reading “The Soul of a Pilgrim”.

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