The roof is the hat for your home

The covering that protects your home from the weather extremities like a hat is the roofing of your home.

It is a well known saying that home is the place where you hang your hat. However it is also very true for your home as well since your home too requires a covering for itself which is the hat of your home, and is better known as the roofing. The Prestige Roofing of the home provides certain basic functionality and thus it is one of the most essential parts of any home.

The roofing of a home is something that protects the home from all kinds of elements like rain, wind, snow etc. while also providing the home with a special signature style. There are huge varieties of choices available when it comes to the roofing of your home and they also have their individual benefits. Here are some choices and the styles of roofing that you can choose for your home and the benefits that come associated with it:

The most common of the roofing style that is available in the market and is also very in demand amongst the home owners all over the world is the gabled roof. The gabled roof resembles the letter A of the alphabet on the homes. It is also known as the pitched roof. It is often one of the most popular choices when it comes to the American or the European home owners. This kind of roofing comes with steep sides that are angled like the letter A to a common point.

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These kinds of roofing can take on a tall stature look that is also very dignified. It allows for some excellent attic storage space and gives the interiors of the home the look of a cathedral. The open space associated with the roofing is great for all kinds of acoustics and free movement of the air.

The second ranking in terms of popularity belongs to the mansard roofs. It has been popular amongst the homeowners ever since the 17th century. It has been conceptualized by Francois Mansard and the features of the roof are such that it comes with a sloppy structure though it is not as high and steep as the pitched roof. The design of the roof is such that it can also provide an excellent attic living space.

The gambrel roofing is also such that it maximizes the upper level living of the home. The roof is designed in such a manner that it protrudes from the highest part of the house and slopes downwards thereby creating an overhang that works well with the wrap porches and gives the home a classic country look. Depending on the slope and the angle of the roof, the gambrel roof provides the home with a barn house look that is distinctive than the others.

The saltbox roofing is a typical roofing style that provides the American flavor to the homes. It looks like a salt container and is asymmetrical with a two story structure in front of the house and also a one story structure at the back yard.

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