The Real Truth about Numerology and why it work wonders

Often we come across the term “Numerology”. We keep scratching our heads to find the meaning of what numerology is all about. We even try to find out the truth behind numerology and the reason why it can easily work wonders. Even we keep on trying to solve every possible puzzle behind numerology.

What is numerology?

Numerology is basically the study of numeric values or numbers. The mystic manner in which the numeric values reflect and correspond to every other object on this earth is numerology. The reason behind it is the consistent language system in which the universe is made understandable and therefore, the root numbers from 1 to 9 holds significant effect on everything that is present around us which includes ourselves too.

How does numerology help?

In numerology, each of the letters in a name holds numeric values which provide a connected cosmic vibration. The significant sums in numerology that keep a close watch are the numbers in your birth date and the value of the letters in your FULL NAME. When you find both of this interrelated they will let you know a tale of information about any individual. These numbers portray a great deal on the character, motivation, purpose of life, fears, strengths, talents and several other. An expert in numerology makes use of the numbers to find out the best time for major moves and activities in life. Numerology is basically used to make a decision on when to invest, when to get married, when to travel, when to relocate or switch to another job etc. Numerology generally provides a guide and a beacon to bring us on the right track. It will never dictate you on your future because at the end of the day, it is your will and courage that will matter till the end.

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In the 6th century the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, is the creator of what we call numerology today. According to numerology, all of the 9 digits have individual essence. From birth to all the other important events in any individual’s life can easily be calculated with the help of numbers. Nothing in this world is beyond numeric values.

Numbers play an important role in the life of any individual if it is seen through the eyes of any numerologist’s. Numerology is nothing but a branch of astrology which is a well defined procedure of selecting a numeric value for an individual that will get the desired results for him or her. For instance, players change their jersey numbers when they undergo rough patch of time. They do so after they are guided by any numerologist. Numerology will put forward a suitable number for you that will prevent the clash of actions with you and your planet. Even they analyze the numbers that are obtained with the help of your name and date of birth in terms of personal traits, events and behavior.

How is numerology governed?

Largely, numerology is governed by psychic and destiny number. According to the numerologist, psychic number tells about the kind of character you have which is dominant till 35 years of age whereas, destiny number focus mainly on your destiny. Destiny number becomes more dominant after you are 35 years of age.

Even with the help of your name number your relationship with other people can be diagnosed. So, any alteration made in the name can easily induce certain qualities of your destiny and psychic number which might bring in some conflict between them.

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So, in a way numerology helps us to select the right path that will boost your profession and help you in your fortune. Therefore, this is all about numerology.