The Four Most Common Psychic Intuitive Abilities

There are many different psychic intuitive abilities that exist. Most people do not know anything about them so we should highlight those that are really common, the ones that we often hear about and that are often used by psychic mediums from all around the world. Most of the mediums will poses the following intuitive abilities.



Commonly referred to as clear seeing, clairvoyance can be described as inner seeing. This is a really well-known but highly misunderstood psychic ability. The best possible description is seeing a movie inside the head. The clairvoyant person will not necessarily see the future or have some dramatic visions as in the movies.

Clairvoyance is normally really subtle. As an example, the psychic can see a symbol, number or color. Such images are not easily understood and should never be taken 100% literally. Full blown premonitions are possible but rare.

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling


The definition of clairsentience is an ability to receive an intuitive message through physical sensations, emotions and feelings. We regularly talk about empathy without realizing that it is a clairsentience form. People that are clairsentient will feel many things and will end up being overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. That is because the individual ends up feeling exactly as someone else. This does include feeling ecstatic, angry and sad.

Clairsentients easily figure out if a person is saying lies as this is felt. At the same time, it is possible that physical ailments others have will be felt.



This intuitive ability is also known as clear hearing. It is among the most important intuitive abilities as a way of getting messages without the physical use of ears. That is the part that many do not understand.

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When a person has clairaudience, it is possible that there is a little voice inside his/her head that says things like stop or go to the right. If a medium or a psychic has this ability, it is possible to hear some things that people cannot hear like music, sounds and spirit voices. In most situations the clairudient psychic is going to hear phrases, names and phrases from people that died.



Also known under the name clear knowing, claircognizance stands out as an ability to know something without input from facts or logic. We usually refer to this as inner knowing. As an example, the psychic medium may know that a neighbor should not be trusted, without any real reason. This type of extrasensory perception is really important, being among the most important of the psychic abilities.

Claircognizant feelings will always be really strong. They will appear as intuitive thoughts, normally appearing in a random way. There are countless examples of people that end up doing things without realizing why they do it and this saves their lives. You surely heard about individuals that put on their seat belt right before an accident took place.


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We have to reiterate the fact that these are just the four most important of the intuitive abilities. Others do exist but most of the psychics you will work with will show at least one of them, sometimes even all four, although this is quite rare.