The Celebs Who Have Inspired This Seasons Fashions Trends

Celebrities are always being followed by paparazzi. As a result, they always to look their best even if they are going out to the grocery store! This has lead to the style trendsetting power of many celebrities from models to reality stars. The following girls are some of the top celebrities noted for their style.


Miranda Kerr

Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr is perhaps best known for her street style. She is always being shot in New York with her son Flynn. Miranda knows how to mix just the right amount of sex appeal and classiness. She is always well presented even if she is in tennis shoes and shorts. Miranda never wears anything too crazy or trendy. Instead she relies on well cut clothes to make her look chic and sophisticated.

If you want to copy the top Australian model’s look, then invest in some great nude heels and a pair of skinny destroyed jeans. Miranda always wears hers around Manhattan. She also frequently sports maxi dresses and colorful jewelry. Do not be afraid to show your wild side if you are channeling Miranda’s look for the day. Just add a bit a confidence to show the world that you can be a supermodel too!


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous, but her style is becoming increasingly well received in the upper echelons of fashion society. She might have her own line of clothes with her sisters, but that does not automatically make her a fashion designer. Kim has come a long ways since her questionable days as a new reality TV starlet. She has shown maturity in her recent looks since announcing her pregnancy. If anything, Kim’s style is nothing short of a footballer’s wife. Any WAG knows that she is the ultimate goal when it comes to style inspiration. Just think tight dresses, fur, Louboutin, and designer bags.

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Kim’s curvaceous body does not deter her from showing off her body. She offers a point of inspiration for any girl who is not comfortable with her size. As a result, people have paid attention to how she styles herself with appropriate proportioned clothing and fit. Kim has the tendency to be too trendy at times. However, her love of dark eye makeup, strong lips, and tight dresses have kept her at the top of the fashion charts for those aspiring to make it in Hollywood.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swifts style is best described as country luxe. She is not afraid to mix high and low end brands. She often seen out in bright poppy red pants and stripped boat neck shirts when on the street. However, when it comes to the red carpet, Taylor brings out all the glam. It is rare to see her in anything other than a long glittering gown. Taylor exudes grace and elegance no matter what she wears. As a result, she has proven herself to be a great role model both in fashion and in life.