The 5 Most Common Accident Injuries in the State Of Wisconsin

It hurts to suffer pain that is not your own making. Because of someone’s negligence or carelessness, you could become paralyzed, lose wages, lose a loved one, suffer brain damage and/or even lose the chance of being employed again. You may not find it necessary to engage the party responsible for your injuries in a legal battle, but an injury lawyer in Wisconsin will tell you that, the cause of your injury must pay for the damages caused.

Here are the five most common accident injuries that any resident of Wisconsin State should pursue compensation for:


1. Spine, Neck and Back Injuries

These are the most common types of injuries associated with car accidents in Wisconsin. Whiplash is a soft tissue neck injury which results from moving your neck and head outside the normal range. This movement causes you to strain your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Spinal injuries may lead to paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia) or loss of sensation. In case of temporary or permanent paralysis, an injury attorney in Wisconsin can help you get compensation for not being able to work again.


2. Animal Bites

In most cases, pets like dogs, cats and birds can bite humans. There are also large cats and wild animals which are kept by humans as pets. The animal’s owner is liable for injuries caused by his or her pet. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you pursue legal action against a pet owner when you suffer animal bite.


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3. Slips and Falls

Property owners and occupiers are required by law to prevent injuries to all people on their property. Due to property owner’s negligence or as a result of an accident, you may slip or fall on a loose stair, on the side walk or on spilled paint or debris. The property owner is supposed to compensate you for the injuries caused. A personal injury lawyer is good at pursuing compensation amount in full.

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4. Assault and battery

Given that assault and battery are international torts, your lawyer can base on this fact to file for a personal injury lawsuit against the person who assaulted you. These injuries are different from other personal injuries because in assault or battery, the accused must have acted with the intention of causing harm or fear on the part of the victim.


5. Defective Products

If you get injured by using a product which was manufactured and distributed in a dangerous manner, you have grounds for suing the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers or retailers and demand for compensation. All these parties are usually responsible for any damages caused by their products. However, products are only legally limited to tangible personal property.

Regardless of the type of personal injury or the cause, you need the help of an injury lawyer in Wisconsin. The lawyer will help you understand the legal procedure, deal with all the paper work, appear in court on your behalf and most importantly ensure that you get the right compensation. To avoid being frustrated or being more traumatized, hire a qualified and experienced personal injury legal representative.