You Cannot Deal With Chronic Depression Alone!

There are many things that people do not understand about depression. It is normal since we are naturally afraid of something bad that could happen to us. The big problem is that people tend to ignore those that are suffering from depression. They just tell them to work things out alone. There are so many out there that are looking for information about how to deal with depression alone. What they do not understand (which is normal since they cannot know this) is that there are different types of depression. With some you can fight alone but with chronic cases that is not possible.

The Self Help Books Problem

Did you ever go to a bookstore and check out the self help section? You will see that it is usually huge with so many different books teaching you how to be smarter, sexier, happier, more successful and so on. We have so much advice everywhere about depression. Most authors will tell you that you have to embrace depression so that you can discover yourself and kill it. Well, that only works when you deal with normal ups and downs in your life.

When we talk about depression we do not mean those normal down periods people go through from time to time. Those are caused by broken hearts, rainy days, the flu and who knows what else. Such bad moods will disappear in a few days and you do not need books or help besides a shoulder to cry on. Self help or spiritual books are meant to help you with other things.

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On the other side of the depression angle we have the clinical depression, which is so much more than the common broken heart. This is an illness that has many different negative effects on the human body. It is not a mood that passes. Clinical depression basically dominates the entire life of an individual and puts it on hold.

There are books that do treat depression in a way that is responsible. These are the ones you should consider. Even if the book teaches you to deal with those down moments, it needs to showcase the difference between what is commonly referred to as depression and regular bad moments in life.

Why Don’t People Get Treated For Depression?

The main reason why untreated depression is the number one suicide cause in the world is the fact that society tells people to deal with it alone. We have to understand that we are talking about a disease that is actually life threatening. Do you know of any disease that can be cured with happy thoughts or an upbeat demeanor?

The Internet Problem

The internet is great. It allows us to write about everything we want and read about anything that we do not know. However, although there is no reason to say that the World Wide Web is bad, we have to understand that the same thing happens online as we see around us. People talk about things that they do not know anything about as if they are professionals.

If you do a simple Google search about self help in depression cases, you will come across many different forum posts or blog posts that give you “tips” about how you can change your life and deal with depression. Once again, the difference between down periods and depression is huge.

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From time to time you come across a story of a person that fought depression for a long time without success, trying books and anything that they can find online. In all cases those that say that they deal with depression for a long time will state that they managed to solve the problem after getting professional help. Unfortunately, this is the hard truth that we need to understand.

Things You Might Not Know About Depression

If there is one thing that you remember from this article and that you should never forget, it is this:

“Depression is sometimes caused by undiagnosed illnesses like heart diseases, cancer, thyroid dysfunctions, autoimmune disorders or infectious diseases.”

You can even end up with a chronic case of depression in the event that you have a deficiency of minerals or vitamins and there are many over the counter drugs that will have depression as a side effect.

You need to treat depression as you would treat any illness. If you had high cholesterol and your doctor told you to follow a special nutrition plan, you would do that. If you felt pain in your chest area, you would go to a doctor. This is exactly what happens with depressions. If you have been suffering for depression for a long time and you want to treat it, you need to talk with a psychiatrist or at least a physician so that you are checked out and receive the help that is necessary.

Whenever faced with depression symptoms, the best thing you could do is go to a doctor. In the event that you have a friend that has the symptoms, never tell him to deal with it. Do all that you can to get him to a doctor. Handling real depression alone is just a myth and it can lead to serious problems.

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