Taking Inspiration From Crystals

When inspiration strikes you it is a truly beautiful thing. Contrary to what you may believe, you do not have to be an accomplished or aspiring writer, musician, painter or artist in order to appreciate moments when inspiration hits. This can change your life or can bring in some happiness.

The great thing about inspiration is that it can basically come from anywhere. It can come from a bird singing, from a good conversation or from weather changes. As you can imagine, we can easily mention dozens of things that offer inspiration. Crystals stand out as one of them. Here are some that you can consider and some things about what to expect.

Violet Crystals – Imagination, Dreams, Magic And Intuition

For many, pure violet rays are a great color choice when looking for inspiration. This is a color that invites mystery, magic and inspiration. It only makes sense that the violet crystals will work. They invite fire energy in your life. This is the energy associated with activity, illumination, brightness, enthusiasm and warmth. Since we all need live energy, passion and heat, many extra violet crystal benefits appear besides the fact that they can offer inspiration. You can always consider the following:

  • Creativity Aura Quartz – It will facilitate creativity. Inspiration and creativity normally end up being considered as different by most people but they are definitely connected. As creativity increases, inspiration appears from so many extra sources.
  • Ametrine – A perfect talisman for those involved in creative arts. You want to consider this crystal when you write, sculpt, draw, paint or basically create something. Keep it close to you in order to gain universal creativity life force. Crown chakra will also be balanced as creativity is simply improved.
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Other Crystals To Consider:

  • Chrysocolla – this is useful because it is going to dispel negative energy. You will feel calmer and you are going to have your heart calmer. The crystal is going to encourage inner balance and self-awareness. Sensitivity and confidence will be increased, all leading to more personal power, so creativity.
  • Moss Agate – this is most likely the most-known of the crystals we talk about here for inspiration. It will encourage pragmatic thinking and reality senses. New initiatives are going to be encouraged, especially when you went through a longer period of time in which you were holding back or you hesitated.
  • Spinel – last but not least, the crystal of vitality, protection and physical energy will definitely help. You gain the inspiration you need to accept life’s challenges. Your soul will be calmer so you are going to surely have more inspiration in the near future.


Inspiration is known to appear in times that are inopportune. It will be hard for many to even have it in the first place. Inspiration is necessary in our life for almost everything we do. If you are looking for some, the crystals above will surely help you.