Best Star Signs For Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to make money, but we have to admit that some of us are natively good at it, while others just need to get along. Forbes made a top of the billionaires of the world and classified them by their star signs. Surprisingly or not, the Virgo sign influences 12% of them. They are followed by the Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio. Some astrologists say this is not completely true and add to the list Cancers, Pisces and Gemini.

Aries and entrepreneurship


According to them, Aries are very strong, ambitious, enthusiasts and very competitive. His bravery and impulsivity transforms him into a hero so he could have a bright career in military or political domain. But, that doesn’t exclude that he could be a great entrepreneur, taking into consideration his strong character.

Gemini  and entrepreneurship


Gemini, on the other hand, might ace the Stock exchange. They love being intellectually stimulated so they would really hate a boring working place. They are optimistic, they like to socialize and freely express themselves. In other words, they are ideal for this kind of job. But, even though they are ambitious, they don’t really like to gather money. Their spending pretty much equals their earnings.

Cancer  and entrepreneurship


Cancer always finds the best solutions. If you have a problem, just go to a Cancer and you will soon find out that nothing is impossible. They give excellent advices, even though they don’t always act according to them. He is very protective and a great multitasker. In other words, be a leader! If you are a cancer, that’s your job. They love money and will rarely waste them, even though they somehow manage to make them easily.

Virgo and entrepreneurship


Virgos are very analytical and complex. They have the exact characters of what any rich man needs: tenacity, perseverance, working power and a strong will that is going to lead them towards great results. The secret of this sign is the fact that they don’t want to make money, they just want to be perfect in what they do. They have the ability to fund and sustain long term businesses because of their impeccable organizing skills and attention for details.

Aquarius and entrepreneurship


The Aquarius is also called the genius of the zodiac. They have a brilliant, tenacious mind. If he wants to make lots of money, he will! They are usually very calculated, but in certain situations, they can become real spenders. Money is never a priority for them so all they want to do is earn money so they can satisfy their needs.

Pisces and entrepreneurship


Pisces are dreamers, but they can make money because of it. They always want more, they explore, work hard and have a strong sense for money that comes second in their top, right after their dreams. They know how to gather money and don’t spend it on things they consider useless or superficial. Steve Jobs is Pisces. No other words needed.

Scorpio and entrepreneurship


Scorpios find themselves on the second place in the top richest zodiac signs. They are passionate and it appears that they are very talented businessmen when it comes to weird businesses. Very ambitious and tenacious, Scorpios would do anything to make their dreams come true. The power of seduction will always be their best ally. They are able to convince you anytime that what you want is what you need. With their powerful intuition, they are able to detect profitable opportunities. To all of these qualities, add native intelligence and voila, we have a Scorpio. Bill Gates, the richest man in USA is one.

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We do have some winners but remember: if you want to be an entrepreneur, hard work, dedication, good sense and control are the key. And even if you don’t have these senses developed, that is something that can be learned in time. Anyone can be anything if they really want to and if they are willing to sacrifice and change. Change into who and what you want to become and everything else will be at your fingertips.