Solid facts about cheap plane tickets

Cheap plane tickets have been offered by numerous airlines for probably decades. Unlike the early fifties when air travel was difficult, and often expensive today airlines, and airplanes are the preferred mode of travel and because of that they are a dime a dozen. Today there are possibly close to a hundred international airliners and many more domestic airliners which serve great food and also offer big discounts. The difficult part about finding cheap tickets is getting through to these airlines. You can search the internet all you like but if you cannot come across something which is really good then your chances of actually saving money are little to none. You also need to know a bit about what you are looking for or it is just a waste of time.


Big versus Small airlines

Airline companies can be broken down to two wide categories the first being big airliners which have usually been around for decades and have an international presence and then there are smaller airlines which have just come up a few years ago and have a local presence in a few cities at best. The airline you chose will mainly depend on where you are travelling to. If you are travelling to a foreign destination (outside your home country) then you will obviously have to put up with a big airliner but a big airliner does not mean expensive tickets. Many people have found that some big airliners actually offer much cheaper airline tickets. The reason why they can offer cheap plane tickets is because they have a larger fleet and they have larger airplanes than domestic ones. People can also save additional money by purchasing a connecting flight ticket as opposed to a direct flight one.

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Small airliners are great if you are travelling domestically. A big airliner is almost always going to be expensive for domestic flights and so this is why you will want to do business with a domestic airliner or a small one. Many times you can just get cheap plane tickets if you called up the airliner and asked them for a discount and this is possible because most people do not use this technique. If you are making a bulk purchase or you intend to make one then you should let the airline know of your intentions so that they can offer you cheap plane tickets.


Many airlines today make it clear to their prospective flyers as to what their policies are as far as discounts are concerned. You can always signup to their newsletter which should keep you abreast of the latest developments with these airliners which in turn may also help you find cheap plane tickets. However, just following the methods discussed above should suffice when it comes to finding and using cheap plane tickets. If you still find it difficult the best thing is to wait a while and search a month or so later when many people are choosing not to travel.