Ski Trip Tips for Beginners

Whilst a fantastic winter sport, we all know skiing can be fairly expensive, especially if you have no experience and are making plans for your first trip. Here are some tips and things worth considering before you go on your first ski outing.


Booking the Trip and Types of Accommodation

Skier carving a turn off piste
Skier carving a turn off piste (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you are traveling with another person, or people, the best types of accommodations are those that are private for the group. It is important that food service is included in the price. This type of accommodation ends up less expensive for each person in the group, and is better than having anyone in the group responsible for meal preparation.


In the morning, few people will have time for anything but a quick nutritious meal, because they will want to get out on the slopes as soon as possible. No one will be back in the accommodations for the mid-day meal and at night everyone will be fairly exhausted and only want to eat, sit and talk about the day’s skiing adventures.
It is also important that whoever books the entire trip is a person who has had experience arranging ski trips in the past. That will ensure that the ski resort destination, the accommodations and the difficulty of the slopes are within the budget and experience of everyone in your ski trip group.


Learning to Ski


Małe Ciche, wyciąg narciarski (en Male Ciche s...
Małe Ciche, wyciąg narciarski (en Male Ciche ski lift) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These tips are, perhaps, the most important because they deal with keeping you safe during your trip.


– Never let family or friends teach you to ski.

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– Never purchase ski equipment before learning to ski, rental is the best idea.


– Never be tempted to ski on slope areas beyond your ability.


– Never let others in the group lead you to follow them on an unfamiliar slope.


– Never ski alone, even after you feel you have had some successful ski lessons.


Travel Insurance for Ski Trips
As with any type of travel, you should have trip insurance. Do not assume that your ski trip travel insurance covers you in the event of an injury you incur while learning to ski or while on the slopes outside of taking lessons. If your trip is booked through a travel agency, you might be able to get ski trip insurance company referrals to consider.


English: Dombai, general view of skiing routes...
English: Dombai, general view of skiing routes from the Yugoslavka skiing route. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are traveling to a ski area that is new to you or your group, it is advisable to discuss the pending trip with your family lawyers. There may be certain aspects of travel to specific states, or foreign countries that you need to know about. Your attorney may also request to review the details of your ski trip insurance policy. They can tell you if you are covered for any type of winter sports activity while on your trip. For some policies, if you have coverage for skiing, but get hurt snow-boarding you may not be covered. It is important that any type of accident or injury is covered while you are on your trip.


If you are the person arranging the trip, your family solicitor may advise you about a liability waiver that each member of the group needs to sign if they are to follow your advice in booking the trip. This step can avoid you being sued for liability if someone else in the group is injured on the trip.

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