Signs of haunting to look out for before moving in

Signs of haunting to look out for before moving in

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Signs of haunting to look out for before moving in

Ever get that feeling like you are being watched? Do you experience sudden cold drafts passing through the room, even when all the windows are closed? What are those odd sounds you keep hearing each night? If you are a believer in the paranormal, then these events seem to point to a possible haunting. If you are a skeptic, then you would likely search for simple explanations behind these “occurrences”. Nevertheless, as humanity continues to embrace its spiritual side, the divide between the living and non-living appears to be getting thinner. Many people have reported experiencing odd phenomena around the house which they could not explain.

If you experience the following in your home, then chances are it may be haunted:

Electronic Disturbances

A light continues to switch on and off. Sometimes the television skips channels without being prompted by the remote control. The radio keeps turning on and changing frequencies.  These strange electrical disturbances are definitely worth investigating, but if you suddenly find your toaster dancing on the kitchen counter, then you need to telephone paranormal experts.

Disappearing Objects

Do you remember placing your house keys in their usual spot only to have to them disappear and then reappear in the oddest place? Does this happen with other objects? This is called the Disappearing Object Phenomenon. Where do these objects disappear to? More importantly, who “took” them?

Strange Noises

This indicator includes a whole host of noises from rapping on the door, faint whispers, sound of someone running etc. Sometimes you may animalistic or guttural sounds. If you are unable to locate the cause and they are occurring on a regular basis, it may be time to get a paranormal team to come in and investigate.

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These include faint silhouettes, dark specters, black masses, and someone in a cape passing by. These could easily be eye tricks, but if they are occurring regularly and are causing you mental anxiety then you need to get them investigated by professionals.


You may experience recurring dreams of individuals whom you have never seen before. This could be a sign that someone is trying to communicate with you. Terrifying dreams could be of events that occurred in the home past, such as a murder or suicide. These might continue to happen in your dream resulting in night sweats and broken sleep patterns.

Being Watched

This is a common feeling reported by many individuals who have resided in haunted locations. It could simply be that your mind is playing tricks on you, especially if you live alone or get spooked easily. If this continues to reoccur, in particular rooms or at specific times of the day, then you need to get it investigated.

While it is unclear whether paranormal phenomena exist, what remains certain is that there are occurrences out there that are ethereal and therefore require proper scientific research. If you experience any of the above mentions signs, don’t move in!

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