Should You Buy Canvas Tents or Settle for the Nylon Ones?

Vacation is just around the corner and your family is planning to have a great outdoor adventure now, everyone is on the lookout for a good canvas tent. In fact, tents like these are not as popularly manufactured as before because of the new types of materials used. There’s nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials but which should you actually rely on?

Canvas tents are usually heavier and made from plain-woven fabric like hemp, cotton or sometimes a combination of both. Nylon on the other hand, is lightweight and made with silky material made form synthetic polymer and nylon fibers. Usually, tent walls, floors and ceilings are constructed with either a variety of fabrics so if you want to know which type is best you have to consider how you plan to use the tent and then consider the following aspects:



Canvas tents are sturdier compared to the ones made with nylon. If you are planning to really brave out the rough terrain and unexpected violent weather, it is better to pick the sturdier material. Nylon cannot be easily sewn up by a needle and thread if a rip occurs. Although, some nylon made have this special ripstop nylon to prevent the hole or the rip from getting bigger, it is still easier to pick a tent that can be mended faster and will not require a special kit.



If you are planning an outdoor adventure during hot days or summer, keep in mind that cotton breathes easier than nylon or synthetic materials. Durable canvas tents can better insulate the inside of your tent compared to other tents. Unlike nylon, cotton does not transfer heat as quickly, therefore, you can be comfortable inside because the interior is kept cooler in warm weather and a little warmer when it is cold outside.

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One of the downfalls of canvas tents is that they can easily rot because cotton absorbs water faster compared to nylon, which is water resistant.  Unlike nylon which is automatically coated to be waterproof, cotton woven tents tend to be personally coated to become waterproof.

Also, when nylon tents are wet, they can easily be folded and stored because they are water resistant. This also makes nylon tent easier to carry because they remain lightweight despite being wet. Of course, mildew and mold can accumulate if one stores nylon tents without wiping it down first.

However, because canvas tents are made with cotton, they tend to get heavier when pitted against rain. So, carrying these type of tents can be more of a hassle. Plus, the poles used to set up such contraptions are heavier compared to the lighter poles used with nylon tents.

Still, compared to everything else, hemp or cotton made canvas tents are more environment friendly and are naturally biodegradable. Aside from protecting you and your family outdoors, you can also protect our planet. Therefore, at the end of the day, you must consider comfort, durability and convenience when trying to select the best outdoor contraption you want to bring.