Pine Versus Oak Furniture: Which Option Suits You Best?

Pine Versus Oak Furniture: Which Option Suits You Best?

Pine and oak are readily available as furniture styles and you’ll frequently come across both of these woods while you look for new furniture. Oak is popular for bedroom and living room furniture while pine is often found in the kitchen. Both types of wood have their pros and cons, which will have a big impact on which will work best for you.

They Are Not the Same Kind of Wood

Pine is classed as a softwood while oak is a hardwood. This makes oak a more robust choice that is less prone to damage. Pine is still a sturdy wood in itself but it doesn’t stand up as well over time compared to oak.

Oak is Sturdier Than Pine

Pine tends to be more common compared to oak but is often seen as an inferior choice. Oak is more robust, durable and practical than pine, which makes for a better long-term investment. This is one factor in its popularity for dining room tables and other furniture items that will get a lot of use. Oak tends to cost more than pine because of these benefits but it doesn’t necessarily cost a huge amount if you shop around for a good deal.

Solid oak living furniture will last a lifetime, especially if it is well cared for. A gentle wax several times per year will keep it looking its best but other than this, it needs little more than regular cleaning and polishing. Pine needs more care to protect it from damage and to prevent it from looking tired and worn. You may choose to have pine furniture professionally treated by experts to extend its life and keep it looking good. This can include being treated with several coats of varnish.

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Oak Is More Versatile

Solid oak has the versatility to work well in a range of rooms and lends itself equally well to both contemporary and traditional themes. This is much less true of pine furniture, which can start to look tacky if you use it too much by itself. It works better if it’s used alongside other types of wood, such as oak.

Pine is More Affordable

Because pine tends to be a cheaper option than oak, it can work well in a child’s bedroom. You can expect to need to replace furniture more often as your child grows, and pine will usually fit a tighter budget more easily. Its affordability makes it very popular, which is a minus point if you’re hoping to have furniture that is a little less commonplace.

For rooms in which you don’t envisage needing to replace the furniture for some time, oak is a more practical investment. If you can stretch your budget far enough, oak furniture will serve you well for years to come.

Pine Can Be Painted

Oak living furniture has a natural grain which can look extremely beautiful. Pine doesn’t always look as pretty but it does lend itself well to being painted, which means that it can achieve a wider range of looks.

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Anders Timberson

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