Be Here Now by Ram Dass – Book Review

If you think about the cover when you pick a book, there is a big possibility that you will not want to buy Ram Dass’ Be Here Now but the truth is that this is a highly mesmerizing read that may very well change your life. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people say that the book did change their lives and all that was really necessary was to start reading it.

With horrible graphic design, mainly reminding you of old books, it is easy to not want to read the very old manuscript. It is not at all difficult to get caught up in the decency, kindness and trust that appear in the paragraphs.

In the book’s initial section you will find an autobiography of Ram Dass that documents what were the steps taken until leaving Majaraj-ji. Basically, it is all about the spiritual awakening that Dass went through, what made him want to help people. It is always great to see how people reached the moment in life they are at.

In the book’s bulk you will find many life lessons but get ready since it will be a difficult read, one can say physically hard. Unfortunately, the format is not clearly defined and you can end up having problems going through the various anecdotes, observations and teachings.

In the last part of Be Here Now you will find the “Cookbook for a Sacred Life”. This does include wisdom, yoga poses and pretty good advice, together with some percepts that are ridiculous but that may appeal to some people. The section can be a little difficult because it is hard to find enlightenment in the event that there is someone else telling you what to eat or when you should wake up. That is definitely not something to easily digest. The best possible solution for all of us is to find the recipe for success for ourselves.

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On the whole, Ram Dass’ Be Here Now is definitely worth reading but that does not mean there are no other better books that you could consider. It is a certainty that you are going to enjoy many of the stories and the wisdom that is offered but this does not mean that life lessons will actually be gained. Be sure that you consider it only after others and when you are ready to go through quite difficult reading and illustrations that are definitely old and not attractive.