Motivation For Studying – How To Become Motivated And Improve Study Habits

Getting motivation for studying is not as easy as many believe. In fact, it is a huge daily struggle for so many. There are different things that have to be considered by modern students, ranging from classes to managing extracurricular activities. Some even need to work. As you get overwhelmed by day-to-day activities, it is no surprise that you just do not have motivation for studying.

Fortunately, there are always things that can be done if you need motivation and you want to improve your study habits. I put together a list that you can always get back to. Feel free to add comments if you found something that works for you so you can help other students.

Always Set Goals

One of the easiest ways to become motivated is to set goals. You need both short-term loans and long-term loans. Going through a lot of study material is not easy but when you know why you do it, everything becomes simpler.

The only problem with setting goals is that sometimes students do not set realistic goals. Also, those chosen might not be challenging. The idea is to set goals that are challenging and realistic.

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  • Extra Thing To Consider: Post goals somewhere you are going to see them every single day. This helps stay mindful. The common approach is to use sticky notes and put them somewhere on your desk but you can even use smartphone alarms if this works for you.

Always Create Schedules

Try to set a specific time when each week or day you study. This is a wonderful way to stop procrastination. As you set time you make sure that there is enough to finish assignments and get ready for exams. At the same time, studying becomes a part of your weekly or daily routine, a normal part.

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Build A Perfect Studying Space

What you surround yourself with can influence your mental state. This is why you need to make sure your desk is organized. All that is needed for what you do has to be placed within reach. If you do this you will make studying easier. Make sure you eliminate clutter daily and get ready before you start studying.

Start Studying

The truth is that the big part of most things you do in life is starting. You might hate history, chemistry, doing the dishes or even walking the dog but once you start, it is so much easier. One of your goals should be to study for 15 minutes without taking a break. Then, you can see how you feel after the set time is up. There is a pretty good possibility you will be able to study for longer because it is not that bad once you actually start doing it.


A really common way to become motivated as you go to the gym is to put on a playlist of music that is capable of motivating you. The exact same thing goes for studying. There are surely some songs that you listen to and they pump you up. Play them before the study session. Some people like to listen to ACDC while others would do better with classical music. Find what works for you and just play the tracks.

Get Silly – The Self-Pep-Talk

Giving yourself a pep-talk to study definitely sounds silly. After all, won’t you feel silly when you do this? At first you will but the fact that you look in the mirror and you talk to you can help you to be more motivated to do tasks you set in the past. You can start your pep-talk with saying what the goals are for the current study session. Then, add the long term goals you have. Since it is a pep-talk, why not mention some great things about you or your life, like that new shirt you like or how good you are at swimming? You will get a great confidence boost when you receive compliments and they can actually come from you, in the mirror.

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Time For Rewards

Every single time a study goal is achieved or a breakthrough happens, it is time to reward yourself. Something as simple as a doughnut can help so much more than what you initially think. The truth is that it is quite depressing to work very hard and then feel you are not appreciated. The one person that should appreciate you the most is you so start by you rewarding you. Go out to dinner, watch a movie or do anything you really like as a reward for your study goals.

Final Thoughts

Motivation for studying is not easy for most students but it is also not that difficult if you just work hard and you keep your eyes on the prize. The little tricks above are sure to help you much more than you now think. Give them a go and you will be surprised of the results!